February 18, 2008

The Great White North and Morning Warmups

Every once in a while we find ourselves driving through a snow ocean in mid February!

After this snow storm, we stayed with Uncle Doug and Kristen and feasted on his big potato balls. We played with a very cool Minneapolis band called Bukkake Dance Party (it's a temporary name I'm told).
From there we went up to Marquette, MI for the second time. Unfortunately, the only souvenir we have from Marquette is this snowflake:

We arrived at St.Louis, MO. Dave, Zac and Kellen danced with joy.

The silver arch, Jefferson national expansion memorial was shinning in the blue sky.We went up to the top riding a small capsule and glanced the beautiful land scape.

February 10, 2008

In the Beginning

In the Beginning, there was nothing.
Then there were Nuts. 
Nuts were all right for a while, but there was something missing. .. Some kind of need for balance was making itself felt.
Then there was Gum. 
Jupiter One looked at it's creation and saw that it was good and that it should spread the word as far as their van - Silver Blaze - would carry them. From within the veritable Garden of Eden that is NYC the first stop, after much deliberation, was chosen. Here is Dave singing one of the greatest staples of the 80's:

(Jupiter One's first test was a Flood of Biblical Proportions. Level 3 State of emergency. K risked his life to take some pictures of this awesome spectacle. It was very beautiful to see all those trees standing in the caramel-colored water lazily moving under the menacing downpour, and these beautiful sights were made especially for Jupiter One to see at the start of their journey. Jupiter One is often reminded of the power of nature since it seems like we can't catch a break, as far as weather, as our fans who've come out to see us in the rain or supernatural cold can attest.) 
Cleveland turned out to be a great choice. Great crowd. Learned a lot about them too! Personal stuff. 
Run Run Addington and Madison East were there. Reppin' hard. Thanks to Flo for the clothes,
Radical bar staff and Erie PA crew for making the drive. See ya soon children.
Niki is the angel of Bowling Green, Ohio. She has a wolf living in the house. It's street legal. 
Dave asked. He also made it sing. You know how you can make wolves sing? That's what he did.

We have video footage. But we also have video footage of everything. What would you like to see? Let us know. K drunk is one of my favs.
K was hilariously drunk in Kentucky. We had a day off after an EKU gig. Then we went bowling. We all won. But not before working on new music in the hotel room with K's mini amp and a band sandwich (human sandwich - on top of the tv stand). Can you guess the order of stacking? Mocha was on top of course.

[New Music Sidenote!] - We have lots... next time you come see us you'll hear it. 
Pittsburgh was a f*ck$ng blast, people. So many noisy people (who are our favorite kind of people) and lots of lyric sing-alongs which really helps K remember the words. K wore his new "Sting onesey" as Dave calls it, which is really a green jumpsuit that K is nekkid underneath so we can see his sexy brown chest above the zipper. All glistening.
Dave and I were quite drunk and dancing around the rest of the night, generally causing a scene.
We met some very sweet respectable girls who respectfully said goodnight pretty soon after Dave started stumbling around with me on his shoulders somehow also stumbling, in midair.
Awake! Beautiful Pittsburgh house of the lovely and talented Scott and Sarah Peterson. 
Voices downstairs. 
I smell food. Lots of food. 
"Sure! thanks" now I'm holding a bloody mary.
Life's great in this house. So many new friends in such a short, pleasant time. 
And so we're back out on the road. It's windy. K struggles to keep the car straight. That's what's really happening, but in my head he's messing with me, doing it on purpose. The sky looks like some Lord of the Rings sh*t. The trees are bare and dead-looking on the hills above the strip malls. There's no time of day. I see the sun behind the clouds, but the clouds are in purgatory. They don't have anywhere to be, and they're all pretending they don't have anything in common. They're on Bedford Ave.

And so Jupiter One was tested once again- "GO TO THE POISON ROOM! IN THE HI LAND OF OH. SIN SIN ATTIC!", they though they heard in garbled shouting from those clouds that seemed not to be paying them any attention just a few moments before.
love to you,

February 7, 2008

Got Questions For Us??????

We'll be doing a live interview with "The Daily BS" on Friday at 1pm

If you have any questions you want to hear answered, call in at 1pm Friday and fire away :)

or you can e-mail them questions for us at anytime:


P.S> We're in KENTUCKY!!!!!  Drinking "Old Dan Tucker"
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