June 28, 2007

"Mystery Man" on our Myspace and Optigan

Go to our myspace page and you will find our new album cut version of the song "Mystery Man". If you're wondering how we managed to hire a full orchestra with our limited budget, the strings you hear in the beginning are from a rare instrument made by Mattel in the late 70's called the Optigan. It looks like a pump organ but it actually has 12-inch discs inside. There's buttons on the side that play loops in many of the popular keys of the time. It's kind of like a poor man's mellotron. It's very noisy, and if you put your headphones on, you can hear the clicks of the buttons (unavoidable). It drove the our mix engineer Nic crazy!

June 23, 2007

Countdown will air on NYC's Q104.3!

Hello drivers and vacationers. Our song "Countdown" will get our first commercial radio play on NYC's awesome classic rock station Q104.3! If you're coming back from Montauk or the shore, then you have to tune in at 9pm to FM104.3. The show is called "Out of the Box" and features local and up and coming bands.

June 19, 2007

Jupiter One concludes national radio campaign!

So we've concluded a very succesful college radio awareness campaign through the hard working folks at Planetary Group in Boston. We basically mailed out 30lbs of singles and this is what we've reaped:

We were charted (in the top 20 or 30 most played) at nine stations!
AM 1610 in West Lafayette, IN
KCAC in East Camden, AR
KSVR in Mount Vernon, WA
M3 Radio in NYC
WCCS in Norton, MA
WCVF in Fredonia, NY
WHSN in Bangor, ME
WIXQ in Millersville, PA and
WXCU in Columbus, OH
- we were played at 84 stations
- we were in light or greater rotation at 33 stations including
KSJS in San Jose, CA
WDBM in East Lansing, MI
WITR in Rochester, NY and
WMSE in Milwaukee

If any of these stations are familiar to you, then please call them and request our song "Countdown". Thanks for your support, and stay tuned for our full album coming out in a few months!

June 14, 2007

Countdown shimmy

So now we know our music is appealing to the 0-5 demographic...

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June 12, 2007

Fire Away music video

So when we're not on the road and at home on the internet and we're bored, we scour the interweb to see who's talking about us and why...
Thank you Do The Do for this giggle-worthy "Fire Away" music video! We're assuming that's drummer Dave Heilman in the Japanese loin cloth that we call "fundoshi".

June 4, 2007

Jupiter One- Party on Thursday

Hey, Who REALLY cares about Friday mornings anyway????? This is last minute, but we were asked to perform at this Penthouse in Tribeca Thursday night!

If you want to hang with US however, it's OPEN BAR! (10-Midnight) We go on at 11.
The ticket is $20, but we wouldn't do it if we didn't think you could drink more than that :)
120 Walker St., Tribeca

June 2, 2007

Jupiter One on BreakThruRadio.com

Jupiter One was in Blue Ribbon Studios (yes there's a recording studio affiliated with the restaurant) to record a live set for BreakThruRadio.com (or BTR). This is a very very cool internet radio station with diverse podcasts of great music in virtually every genre. Click on the pictures to go to their website and scroll through the shows to look for "BTR live with Jupiter One"!
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