February 23, 2010

Sunshower Tour w/ Regina Spektor (Day 39)

Denver, CO (@ The Fillmore Auditorium)

The three of us cuddled up in his bed like Huey, Dewey, and Louie...

We woke up around noon and headed over to the venue....the show was a lot of fun and we got to see Zimmer's cousin and Pat's buddy "Schimmy!"
It's Jupiter One tradition to bring the frisky chics backstage after a show....my buddy Marshall's Mom was the lucky lady that night....
Mrs. Gilkes!!!

We went back to Scott's house for "after hours" where he let me and Pat drive his super, bad-ass, red, sporty-sportster sport car. The next morning we awoke to this guy...
...and some breakfast burritos delivered to us by the man himself. After eating our way back into consciousness we hit the road for Houston, TX.

Thanks for taking care of us Scoooooooooooooooott!


February 18, 2010

Sunshower Tour w/ Regina Spektor (Day 38)

Salt Lake City, UT (@ In The Venue)

We woke up fully refreshed from the fancy-pants treatment of the hotel and headed to the club for load-in. We arrived to an amazing lunch spread and my new pals Greg and Keith had my 2nd drum set all lined up and ready to hit. Me and K did a long soundcheck/rehearsal with Regina, then set up Jupiter One town. We didn't know what to expect in Utah (our first time playing here), but I have to say the crowd in Salt Lake City was killing...we had an amazing show. Unfortunately, we forgot to take pics, but we met A LOT of real nice folks and look forward to coming back.

K and I played with Regina next and everything went smoothly....We were just super psyched to be eating all this good food (now that half the band is Regina's)....hooray for nutrition and stuff!

Our show tomorrow night is in Denver, CO so we had to drive through the night. (when I say "we" it should be noted that it REALLY means "Bandit and The Cat." Pat and Zac respectively.) K rides the fancy tour bus cuz he's a big lazy puss-puss who doesn't respect the SilverBlaze anymore...whatever!

As you know, my primary function during these long drives is Mayor of Screen Town. I managed to pick up this handy device at a gas station to maximize Night-Screening™
The drive through the mountains was incredible....
The only thing MORE incredible than the scenery, was the police officer who stopped Pat for doing about 40 mph over the speed limit. The guy was SO psyched to pull over a rock band from New York that he just hung out asking questions about music, traveling, and girls and stuff. We gave him a copy of our album and he sent us on our merry way with a wave and smile. HILARIOUS! It took me and Pat about 2 hours to believe it wasn't a dream. Zac was sleeping in the backseat through all of this...
As the sun came up, we just stared at the universe with a smile....
We arrived to the city of Denver and headed straight to Pat's friend Scott's house. This guy is THE all-time bro of bros hailing from Mount Brolympus. He woke up at 6am to let us sleep in his bed while he headed over to his friend's house to finish sleeping. He also had his fridge pre-stocked with 100 PBR cans in anticipation of our arrival. What a fucking hero! This is Scott....


February 14, 2010

Sunshower Tour w/ Regina Spektor (Day 37)

Blaze to Utah

There's a searchlight fixed to the midnight sky...it's beaming a symbol of the Blaze and we MUST get to Salt Lake City in 24 hours.

Regina, Dan, and K will be waiting there to run through the songs, cuz we have NO time to fuck around before the show at "In The Venue."

Here's where the teamwork of Jupiter One really shined. Allow me to break it down:

Seattle- we get the call. I need to learn all Regina's songs in 24 hours. Zac took the wheel and started for Utah.

Pat (the Berklee Audio Engineering Grad and the only man besides Zac and K who knows I'm way too technologically inept to do this) takes a huuuuugely big file of Regina's show in Massachusetts and cuts it up into bits and pieces. He worked through the night, while I got some shut-eye... I awoke to find, what laymen call, "tracks" on the computer.
At this point, Pat sleeps and Zac (the fearless pilot) still drives...
Meanwhile, I take the tracks from Cecil and upload them onto my iPod. This is where I spend the next 15 hours listening to her music and trying to visualize how I'd play it. There will be no drums in sight until I play this music with her for the first time in Utah...
I had headphones on, writing out drum parts while we made our way across Washington and Oregon.
We made maybe one or two stops the whole way...
Awake from his sleep, Pat now relieves the colonel....
...and continues driving.
Zac's turn to sleep after a long shift of keeping her steady.....I'm still learning the music.
Basically, Pat and Zac killed themselves driving on little sleep, little food, and NO alcohol. It was only fair that they be provided with a super deluxe hotel room....
We made it to the rehearsal with time to spare...."Bandit and the Cat" did it again! Heroes amongst men....they delivered me safely and hit the streets hard to celebrate.

I was back at the studio playing with Regina, Dan, and K....
The music all came together like fine wine spilling onto an expensive, short party dress. Along with K, I was now gonna be doing double duty for the rest of the tour, but the Boys of the Blaze would be laying our heads on bigger, softer pillows. (ahhhhhh...)


February 13, 2010

Sunshower Tour w/ Regina Spektor (Day 36)

Seattle, WA (day off)

We woke up in a hotel...one of those super ones with an 8 on it. We planned on having a nice, cozy day off here in Seattle where we could get ourselves into some trouble. Turns out someone beat us to it...
Really?... So early in the morning????

All the excitement worked up an appetite, so we headed to one of our favorite tour stops, The Skylark Cafe for some breaaaaaaakfast.

lots of great photographs in there...
With bellies full, we headed across town to Shorty's...
Me and Zac played some pinball, I watched him drink some beers, and Pat slept in the van. (too many potatooooooooooooooes)
After 6 rounds of Love Boat Pinball, the smell of hot dogs was becoming too tempting so we decided to wake up old patty pants and head over to Cha Cha Lounge....
We came in, got some drinks, and couldn't help but notice we might be the only guys in Seattle looking to get drunk at 4pm on a Monday.....
hmmm...perhaps everyone's out on the patio???
ah. okay. Pat- you text. Zac- you smoke. I'll just sit over here on this chair...
We did wind up meeting a couple cool people, but then we got the call on my BatPhone. Matt has an emergency and needs to stay here in Seattle. Can I learn all of Regina Spektor's songs and finish out the tour?


With the help of my fellow brothers, we can do anything. We had to cut our Seattle night short and get in the Blaze right away...next show is in Salt Lake City, UT and we have 48 hours.

Someday we'll take back the night we left behind Seattle!!
Sorry we couldn't participate...


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