February 26, 2009

Tribute to Margo

So our friend Margo Turnage is the sort of soul that can't stop smiling if her life depended on it. She's just a motorcade of laughs......we love her.

(Creepy-Montage provided by Pat)

February 9, 2009

Richmond, VA

Jan. 24 @ The Camel
Her place had a pooll...not too Shabbaaayyy....(trademark dialect by PJD)

We rumaged her house for stale chips while K got his new cell phone...he lost his other one...again!

Courtney found me in her room checking "sites".....nothing weird....just e-mail and stuff....really.

We thanked her for housing fugitives and then left for Ice Man and Margo's house...Richmond, VA!
Most of you know who that is already, but for the new folks, Margo is a friend of Pat's and Corey "a.k.a. Ice Man" is Margo's husband.

These two beautiful humans have become great friends of Jupiter One and we always look forward to staying with them in Richmond...We even played at their wedding! We watched some of the video that night and Nick Wurz edited the thing like a casablanca love affair.....straight up movie stars.

(incidentally, doesn't Ice Man look JUST like Bob Harper?? The Trainer from The Biggest Loser?)

Anyway, Margo is an amazing cook so the first thing we usually do is eat. (whilst drinking plenty of wine) This visit was no exception. After a retardedly good dinner we jumped in the Blaze and drove to The Camel

It was a bit drafty so Margo let me use her coat...i think Dan Konopka put it best when he said, "You look like Ming (the merciless) little brother."

Some of the first people to show up was our original bass player's Mom, Mrs. Persiani!! She's so cool. Always comes out to any show in VA we're doing....

Some other familiar VA faces, like Daniela, started to show up....

Ice Man's friend Mike was DJ-ing the night.....

...got K up on the good foot....

..later that night during the song Platfrom Moon, K got on the BAD foot when he fell backwards (mid-spin) in to my drumset and knocked everything over. We all just stopped playing to dig K up out of the drums...WHY do we not have photos of THAT?!?!?!

it was hilarious.

After the set, Ice Man explained the "Great Fall" from an audience perspective....i believe it was described as the LEAST graceful and MOST imminent downward collapse of all time.

We spent the night at the Turnage's and woke up to a brunch complete with mimosas :)

Andy and Kat came by so we watched some scenes from The Full Monty and Andrew's HILARIOUS documentary called The CinnaBunnies....keep an eye out for this one..it;s a parody on Making The BAnd....check it out on FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=51462579579

Thanks for a great weekend guys....loooking forward to the next one


February 5, 2009

Chapel Hill, NC

Jan. 23 @ Jack Sprat Cafe
The next morning was awesome. We had Dana's internet boyfriend from CA at the table (the whole band gave him the 3rd degree)......poor guy

.... and a FEAST to shovel in our mouth....

...which Pat actually did.

Thanks for breakfast!

We all said our goodbyes, tears were shed, vows were made, and we drove out to Chapel Hill.

That night at Jack Sprat's was really fun and we got to hang with The Modern Society a bit...they're a really good band from Atlanta...our new Charlotte friends made the drive up too...thanks guys! :) Lots of friendly people from the streets made their way inside...

After the show K hit some poor guy's car with the Blaze and then we drove to our friend Courtney's house for some shut-eye. We met up with her at Mill Town....

Thanks Courntey!


Charlotte, NC

Jan. 22 @ The Evening Muse

Back at The Koster's! (Rock 'N' Roll Hotel)

We picked up Don for some record store visits and went back to the house for some dinner with Laurie.

Judy was making us chicken with noodles and stuff...her cooking is always a hit :) We talked abut the season premiere of LOST (well , not really. we talked about how Zac and I haven't seen it yet but we made a plan for a late night popcorn and LOST viewing after the show). Laurie runs a Charlotte Music Scene Newsletter and told us how she's been getting some generous donations stay afloat lately. Good to hear the people of Charlotte are continuing to support local music (even during a recession). Tells you something about this town's priorities, eh? If you'd like to contribute; check it out: www.lauriekoster.com

We hung at Sanctuary for a minute before showtime and saw some old friends like Johnny Bradley and Alex English. The Evening Muse had a hard cover book of live photos made by local photographer Monty Chandler. All the pics are great and we were happy to make it in....our Florida friend Peggy had Ryan Hawthorne come out and take some pics that night too.

Was good to see The Triple S girls and make some new friends too. After the show it was back to Sanctuary and needless to say...the LOST after-party at Rock 'N' Roll Hotel never happened...sorry Laurie!


Athens, GA

Jan. 21st @ GO BAR

Our first show in ATHENS! (home of Of Montreal)

We arrived at the club around 9pm and loaded our stuff in. Misfortune 500 was already there so we hung with those guys a bit and talked about the Earth's immune system. (Basically how it's trying to save itself by getting rid of humans. sorry. Popcorn anyone?)
Stegosaurus was playing with us that night too and their fans were a LOT of fun. GO BAR is a super small club and pretty sexy...we had a good time with all the Stegosaurus peeps and we're glad they could play with us.

Here's the door guy. He had the coolest bike ever and he MADE it!@!

After the show we drove towards Charlotte, NC and stopped at a hotel somewhere.


Nashville, TN (Inauguration Night!)

Jan. 20th @ The Basement

We left Atlanta and drove a couple hours towards Nashville untill we hit a Red Roof Inn. (for all you traveling bands; we find Red Roofs to be the best bang for your buck. no breakfast though. but as we're already learned...one need not necessarily "stay" at the hotel from which you eat its breakfast.)

As we drove towards the Music City we pulled over to a Days Inn somewhere in GA. Our new President Barrack Obama was being sworn in. We HAD to watch this momentous inauguration!!!!!. The lobby of the Days Inn was so intimate it felt like our living room. (Except for the unknown, middle-aged, crying woman sitting on the couch next to me) It was a pretty incredible sight and we all felt very proud. (not about the crying woman... about Obama's inauguration)

Anyway, We got to Nashville and headed straight for The Frothy Monkey. Our friend Beau is out of town so we're just hanging in a coffee shop ALL day till showtime. We also stopped by Grimey's Record SHop where i picked up Silver Sun Pickups and Mason Proper. We heard the new Andrew Bird record and came back later for a live performance by a local musician named Kyle Andrews. His band was super talented and they had a great show.

We were playing downstairs at The Basement so we just walked on down and starting drinking with Heypenny. We met these guys on our last Nashville visit and loved their cd. Some of you might remember we had them play with us in NYC last December. Check them out: www.myspace.com/Heypenny. Heypenny was kind enough to make tonight's show a FunAuguration Ball! It was also the bass player's Birthday so the whole night was a giant celebration. Jabe from Boston was there too, so we got to catch up a bit...

After the show K went back with Jabe, Pat and Zac went home with Ben, and I slept at DJ's house. He lives with his wife in an actual house. That kind of thing always makes us wonder why we CHOOSE to live in shoeboxes, but that's the price you pay for NYC. We stayed up eating birthday carrot cake and talking about "His Dark Materials." The next morning i slept on the couch while they got their puppy's balls chopped off...then we all met for some breakfast at Bongo Java. Ben showed us their new music video (it's amazing) and then we got back in the Blaze headed for Athens, GA.

Thanks Heypenny & friends for a great night in Nashville!

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