December 29, 2009

Sunshower Tour w/ Regina Spektor (Day 30)

Fancy Colors goes Bi-Coastal! (Silverlake Lounge)

I think Zac slept at his all-time buddy of all-time Fernando's house, and then picked us all up in the morning, including his favorite brother Mark. (yay!) We have the night off and Mark Colwell is here....Time to get Bryn out of the office!

...and get to work on learning some Fancy Colors songs. Let's just stick him on saxophone...

(kidding of course!)

Bryn happens to be a Rennaisance man and full of raw talent. (But he DID play sax. I wasn't kidding about that part.) We've asked him to play with us at Silverlake Lounge...For those who don't know, "FANCY COLORS" is a side project featuring Zac on lead vocals/guitar, Panda on bass, Me on drums, and anyone else we feel like spending time with. Tonight that happens to be Bryn Mooser. He also has his own band called "PROUD MARY" y'all should check out.

We had to start the day off right....

Next, we sat around a Mexican joint (Tacos, Tacos, Tacos, Tacos) all day. Literally, ALL fucking day. We met a pair of sisters who had recently done jail time and liked to go hiking. They stayed with us at the taco place for a few hours until they realized they were staying at a taco place for a few hours.

We watched the sunset, had another soft shell chorizo, and then drove to Silverlake Lounge. We were excited to be playing our very first West Coast Fancy Colors show and had an impressive guest list at the door. Read something like this:

Rosanna Arquette
Maria Bello
Danny DeVito
Nicholas Cage
Denise Richards
Brianne Davis
Mark Twain
& Bill Cosby

That gave us some clout at the club (as well as a few extra drink tickets) so we set up and watched while 8 or 9 people rushed the stage. It was MAYHEM!
In all honesty, we DID have some really close friends at the show and we appreciate it. Especially JESS! :)

We made some good music and then made a get-away for the Warner Music party downtown. We hung with our new friend Danielle Bond and met some people, drank a little, blah, blah, blah...oh shit! ALL our stuff is still at the club....hopped in the Blaze and Dukes of Hazard(ed) our way back to Silverlake. We made it just in time and packed the stuff up.
A perfect mast.

On the drive back to the hotel, I blew a GaskeTronic 5000 and embarrassed myself in front of Mark. (sorry Zac!)

Tonight, we sleep. Tomorrow, we play Oakland......comin at ya sex machine mike!


December 12, 2009

Sunshower Tour w/ Regina Spektor (Day 29)

Greek Theatre // Los Angeles, CA
Dave and I woke up at a Super 8 on Sunset Strip (classssssayyyy) and went to Brite Spot to meet my friend Tony Crowe for some breakfast snacks. Tony is hilarious. He almost made my omelet come out of my nose. He and I used to work together in Boston for a guy named Tom Love. (Tom Love is the voice behind Van Pilates... ah.) Zac showed up and we took off for the GREEK THEATRE!

The Greek is an amazing outdoor joint in LA that makes you feel like you're in some other country. One where they have woodland nymphs and fur wearing centaurs... Here are some pics:

I was so excited my hair turned purple.

Its almost time for us to start! Let's go peek at the audience.... Oh.

Kidding! Of course every one of the 6000 seats had asses in them when we hit the stage! Right before we went on K bestowed the greatest gift any man has ever given any other man in the history of California. He made Dave a ridiculous beat-machine-slash-microphone-rap-superhero-device. Its called the MAN/MACHINE!
Dave went into overdrive. Freestyle rapping up and down everybody he came across. It was intense. He positioned himself atop the VIP entrance stairs and forcefully rapped in the faces of all VIPs, including:

Glenn Howerton from "Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia!" One of Dave's heros. Pure. Magic.

Check Glenn out in one of Dave's favorite episodes here:

And our friends Pat Blewett, Lucy and Karensa showed up!
Karensa kept making out with the guy selling t-shirts. Come ON, Karensa!!! Tighten up a little.

Pat Blewett kept trying to make out with me. Lay off already!
Here's some pics that Mega Talent Mark Kraz took from the show...
CSN played here last year!

These folks were real nice. We yapped for awhile. Then I realized it was a school night and booted them out. Let it be known that Jupiter One urges kids to stay in school and NOT to hang around with drunk Panda Bears until all hours of the night.

Oh. And Bryn showed up. More on him tomorrow. He'll be guest starring for a couple days.

I split to catch up with Bryn while Dave and Zac went wild MAN/MACHINING Rosanna Arquette and Fab Moretti until their faces fell off.

Tomorrow Zac's brother Mark is coming! Texans!

~ Panda

December 8, 2009

Sunshower Tour w/ Regina Spektor (Day 28)

San Diego ----> Los Angeles, CA (Weirdie)

There we were...

Hungover. Aunt Ryoko knocking on the bedroom doors. "Breakfast is ready!" The smell of bacon in the air... Exactly like we remembered it. It hurt. It was beautiful.

We woke up to the sound of dishes being laid out and eggs cracking... Oh... and the gong pounding in our brains. Zac and I were about to have a very civil sit-down with Uncle Jim and Aunt Ryoko and we would be perfect gentlemen... if we could only pull ourselves together.

We ate. We yapped. We drank quarts of coffee. We looked at art. We got showers. We made plans to get dropped off in a touristy part of San Diego. Meanwhile... in a faraway land... Dave did situps. He had the BLAZE™ and there was no telling how long he would be working on his glutes and pelvs.

Uncle Jim drove us to some wierdo place in San Diego that was like being in an Old West themed amusement park. He treated Zac and I to tacos and a couple beers and sent us on our way. Zac tried to sleep on a bench like a hobo. I convinced him that it was way more classy to drink tequila while the sun was out... like a TRUE hobo.

After a couple he got warm... and the coats started to peel off... ladies: control yourselves...


Dave found us sitting in easy chairs by a fire talking about God-knows-what. It was one of the 3 times on tour he was relegated to driving duty. This is very terrifying and only allowed to happen when Zac and I are sleeping or drunk. Or both. Dave did a very good job. Maybe someday he'll be promoted to Junior Blaze™ Captain.

We saw Aaron Zimmer's van's cousin!

Zac woke up and fought his clothes.

When we got to L.A., Zac went to visit his friends and Dave and I went out to see his friend Sara Radle's band cover a bunch of Fleetwood Mac songs in traditional Fleetwood Mac costumes.

It was really great. They blew our minds. We went to a bar afterward and made sure they didn't blow Dave's ears, too. Jupiter One Hearing Test:::

Dave's head:

Then we snoooooozed. Tomorrow GREEK THEATRE! Can't wait.

~ panda
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