October 31, 2009

Sunshower Tour w/ Regina Spektor (Day 17)

Chapel Hill, NC @ Players

We drove a few hours to Chapel Hill and got to our friend Nick Stroud's new club called PLAYERS. He co-owns it with a friend and we were very excited to be there. When we arrived for load-in there seemed to be some strange Hitchcock-esque madness happening amongst the birds....they just kept flying in circles right above our heads!

We walked around town, had some drinks with our friends Courtney and Cameron (Cameron plays drums in a band called AMINAL), and then went upstairs to hear the other bands....Tripp and Wylie Hunter played with us and we're happy to have such great guys to hang with all night. Thanks!

One of my high school friends Carrie drove all the way from Raleigh, so I owed her a few drinks. As you can see by those eyes, I made good :)

We kinda dropped the ball on pics that night, but bear hugs to Ashley, Mallory, and Lara for hanging out...thanks to Nick for taking such good care of us....and thanks to Cameron for the shelter!


October 24, 2009

Sunshower Tour w/ Regina Spektor (Day 16)

Charlotte, NC @ The Evening Muse
We woke up super early the next day and took a 12 hour drive (traffic) to Charlotte, NC. Pat went home with his friends and decided to meet us at the rest stop on the NJ Turnpike. Clara Barton baby!!! On the drive down everyone was pretty beat.....Pat kept calling objects out that he saw along the way and telling his friend Ryan that it was him...

"See that dead tree there, Ryan? That's you." --
"See that Hobo out there hitch hiking, Ryan? That's you." --
"See that shitty Pick-Up truck, Ryan? That's you."

Granted it made no sense, but it was early and Ryan was in no mood...
Also, the time 10:41 happens to be a recurring theme in Pat's life...most every time he looks at the clock, he sees this....

It freaks him out and we're still trying to figure out the meaning behind it. Some guesses are as follows:

1) He's gonna die on October 41st.
2) He's gonna live to be 104.1 years old.
3) He was born in OCtober 1941 (in a former life).
4) He was born on January, 4th 0001 (several former lives ago)

We're not sure which it is yet. anywhooo, we picked him up and finally got to the Evening Muse around 9:30pm. It was a fun night because we played with our friends BIG BANG TV and it was also the 26th Wedding Anniversary of our friends Don and Laurie Koster! (Rock 'n' Roll Hotel). Big Bang TV sounded great and we had the best group of people come out to the show.....
After the show we hung with some old friends and then took Don for a ride in the Blaze...
Off to the R'n'R Hotel to eat Judy's cookies all night. The next morning we ate a HUGE breakfast and watched the Traveling Wilburys Documentary.....
We also watched an old VHS tape of Don winning a Harley Motorcycle by crawling around the basketball court in a Hornet's Mask Blindfold.....totally weird to see, but we're proud of you DON!!!!

We had a great time with you guys and your hospitality is always SUPER appreciated...thanks for spending your anniversary with us :)

D, Z, P, and K

P.S. Sorry we fed Roscoe all those pancakes....

October 23, 2009

Sunshower Tour w/ Regina Spektor (Day 15)

NYC @ Radio City Music Hall (AHAWHAAAAT?!?!?!)

We spent the day off going to cousin Nichole's Miss Lonelyhearts Party and kicking it ALL mu'ffin' N-I-G-H-T!!! Raging until dawn......(at least that's what we planned on doing) ....sorry Nichole!

Can't remember what we all wound up doing instead, but I know Pat was riding the subways listening to YIELD....We had to wake up real early and load-in to the venue at 9am. ugh. It took Zac a minute to get there cuz some jerk-off bashed the sideview mirror off the Blaze....poor BLAZE!!! We issued a $5,000 bounty on the head of this mysterious vandal with Jon Sordoni.....if HE can't locate and disppose of the man's limbs, then it was a ghost or giant spider.

Pat even consulted the magic disco ball for answers.....

...no luck. It just kept saying, "party time."

The house looked like this that morning....

Pretty soon it would look like this...

We had a real solid crew of Union guys bringing the stuf in and they couldn't believe how "nice" we were. They kept telling us to be meaner, ...that they could handle it, but Zac just kept smiling with that sweet, boyish grin of his. (We're never gonna make it with this attitude) Thank God Pat stepped in when he did and slapped a guy square in the nuts. Totally saved our reputation.

We hung with Ryan for a bit talking about the day's events,ate some breakfast, went home, and then came back around 3pm. (Just realized this sentence probably doesn't need to be here,,,,,,nonetheless, there it is.)

When we got to the dressing room, we were greeted by a bouquet of flowers....awwwwww

....BUT no booze. Hmmm...I'm on it.

We were restless and Pat got some Birthday Money so he picked up a Grown Man's drink....

Look who came up to hang with us...


(Oh yeah. Mocha was there too)

K needed to warm up and Zac was still sick so he brought out an old time friend...."Mr. Neti Pot."

It's almost Go Time.....i'm too excited...gotta get rid of this boner somehow!!!!

Ryan gave us a pep talk and we headed down to the stage.....

House lights came down....stage lights went up.....

(Thanks for the pics Yuki....Bob Scott took the following color photos)

(All B&W pics by Tim Willis)
(Dan Cho took these next 5 from the wings)
(this photo: Pearse Daly)

CLICK HERE for a review of the show by Nell Alk for PaperMag. On a sidenote, we also owe Nell a big hug for putting our record in the hands of "Phoenix." One of our faves....

After our set we got to see lots of friends and family.....

Ryan, Ricky, and Joey

Nana (she's 86 and STILL hot)

Kristy, Rick, Lyndsey, Rose, Reagan, and Kristen
(A.K.A. The SPF Limo Rollers)

I wish there were pics of all our friends and family, but I think we were all a bit caught up in the moment. So many important people came out to see the show and we'd just like to say THANKS and WE LOVE YOU. That night would NOT have been the same without you there...

After the show we hung around real real late....Then I remembered we left cousin Erica in the van with Shane for the last couple hours....woops

Sorry Erica!

Me and Zac were too busy looking at video clips of Veikko jogging in jean shorts so K had to drive us home....
Good Job buddy.....
It's rare that he's allowed to drive, but luckily we all made it home safely. Thanks for an amazing night everyone!!!

D, Z, K, and P

Sunshower Tour w/ Regina Spektor (Day 14)

Northampton, MA @ The Calvin Theatre

Today was the first day that it felt cold. We had the day off yesterday so we all hibernated and did whatever it is that we do when we're not together... which is almost never these days... so it takes about half a day of going through old photos and journal entries to figure out what exactly it IS that we like doing when we're by ourselves... anyhoo...

We packed in the Blaze and BLAAAAAAAZZZEEEEEDDD to Massachussetts, the Land of Lincoln {citation needed}. When we got to The Calvin Theatre we loaded in and found that our guitar stand (named Guitar World™) was busted. I went to the nearest hardware that I could find that represents EVERYTHING Jupiter One stands for to get it fixed.

True Value... duh.

Then we drank tea and scavenged snacks, because there was no catering. You see, we've become accustomed to a certain level of comfort on this tour (food and booze til the cows come home), but THIS time we found ourselves with our pants pulled down. "Neither?!!? We're gonna DIE!!" We ate cookies and cheese and lived to see another day.

The Calvin Theatre was a nice place to play. The folks there were really nice. I saw my cousin Johanna for the first time in 15 years or so. She's a super sweetie.

K's friend Patrick came (no relation).

Also my friend Jana Pedersen came. She's from Storrs, CT and does weird things that NOBODY SHOULD EVER KNOW ABOUT!!!! And Jessica Hurley drove two hours with her fiancé and they were sweet as all get out.

We left and ate some gas station chicken wraps and prayed that we wouldn't puke ourselves to sleep. Day off tomorrow, then Wednesday @ RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL!!!

Until then.... there's Jeff Taylor....

Panda Bear
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