December 30, 2008


Woke up. Got out of bed.
Dragged some tape across my head.....

Found my way downstairs and drank a cup.
And looking up, I noticed I had "Edgar Allen Poe" written on my forehead.

Pat's said "Eddie Murphy." You may remember this game from a few weeks ago.... we ascribe different ethnicities or characters to each other without them knowing who it is. The subject must guess who they are based on the treatment of others. And yes...we learned this from THE OFFICE. K was "Larry The Cable Guy" and Choco-Bando was "Brian Epstein." (for all you Beatles fans)

After days and days of endless mixing...we FINALLY figured out HOW to make the record sound brilliant. ...we found the SWELL knob! We just cranked it up....sounds rad now.

Actually, the drums are a bit TOO amazing now...cut out that SWELL knob...lower the SWELL!

It was a long day and a long night.... Zac and Pat were headed to the city for the night so I was left all alone......

Now I know you're all thinking, "But what about K? He's still there, right?"
Yes. But he's sleeping. What else would he be doing????

So alas.....I'm just sitting here. alone. Using Lois's new flexible tri-pod (named "Chelsea") to document a self-timed picture of me solitude :(

Before Pat left I remembered him saying something like, "Oh man. I just LOOOOOOOVE that DI sound on my bass. My favorite song is 'Flaming Arrow' cuz I can just boost up that DI and it sounds like Paul McCartney. Love it!"

Ya know how a dog will pee on the floor if he gets real pissed that you left him alone for so long??? I'm kinda like that....

To pass the time I read through this book called, "BAD ASSES."

People like Mr. T and Debbie Harry are in it.

There's also a section for BAD ASS RIDES....

Cars like the Delorean DMC-12 from Back to the Future are in it...

That's all fine and good......but where's the SILVERBLAZE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!

It wasn't in there. So i threw it in the fire. A book of lies that is!!!!

(just kidding Sara. I loved it) :0)


December 29, 2008

Carriage House, CT

okay I am!

So I'd like to congratulate our bass playing Panda on his first Blogs...they were amazing and I'm reminded of a comment Sting made about Andy Summers when Ghost In The Machine came out. "Omega Man" (written by Andy Summers) was to be the frist single off the record. That is until Sting stepped in and said, "No way...we're going with 'Invisible Sun.' Andy's writing is getting good. A little TOO good."

But after all...we have our departments. So here I am. Writing in the wake of a brilliant mind and the only consolation I can provide is the future promise of a Mystery Science Theatre type blog where Pat and I collaborate....coming soon.

We try to "stagger" our days off so there is always SOMEONE here working with the tireless Chris "Choco" Bando on mixes. Pat went home to drive the "Old Folks." What does THAT mean you ask? rock stars we like to pretend we need money. So we work these odd and TOTALLY un-necessary jobs sometimes. We like to see how "the other half live." One of these so called "jobs" of Pat's is to drive the SilverBlaze around the Tri-State Area transporting a band of Senior Citizens. Literally a band. They do Cabaret...sing & dance...Pat drives them to shows and does their sound. Pretty amazing.....

We got into the holiday spirit and Pat cut the top off his parent's tree. We now have a Christmas Tree in the Blaze!

Some of you may know that we name EVERYTHING we own. The cup holders are named after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in alphabetical order from left to right. Now class....who can tell me where the above Christmas Tree is?????

We all got to hang with Pat's family a bit over the's his nephew Nevan. Pizza STILL makes me feel like this....

Here's his niece Birdie....she's a model. She can pose to the left:

...AND the right:

Erin made us banging meatballs. But Sheila gave us the tupperware to transport them. Thanks Sheila :) She also cut a hole in Pat's face to remember the debt....we're mailing them back tomorrow! I swear!

After a long hard day of driving, Pat's glad to be back in CT. Eyes shut, E-Bay sweatshirt on, hands in your that's a good night. Sweet dreams Panda. Sweet dreams.


December 22, 2008

Freeeeeezing at the Carriage House


We spent last night mixing ourselves into submission...

After a long, cold sleep we woke up to find it was a balmy 13 degrees in the shade out there in Stamford.

Needless to say I haven't been outside all day. Dave ran some errands and then kept his coat and hat on all day. Being bald and skinny leaves little for heat to hold onto.

Even the cat was cold.

So was Ribando.

Dave tried to call for help, but the LINE WAS DEAD!

He panicked and fainted. Zac nursed him to safety.

We check all the mixes on this boom box. Once at a normal volume and then once CRANKED UP with the BASS BOOST on so we know how the "kids" will hear it at the soda fountain... Here's K wondering where the cassette deck is and if it has "that new auto reverse feature." He's from the 70's obviously. I'm from the future. iPods 4 eva!

We all can't wait to see our families and eat a bunch of food and freak out for a couple days. Zac and I are speeding south late tonight in the name of Santa, baby. Happy Holidays, folks!


December 21, 2008

Some Other Stuff from the Frozen Northeast!



It snowed a bunch this week. For about 10 minutes it snowed the BIGGEST flakes I've ever seen!! They were seriously like potato chips. Maybe fritos scoops, but whatever. Point is: I was filled equally with joy and terror. There's a certain confusion you feel in the city when it snows... its beautiful for a brief period, then you realize that you actually have to walk in it for days... and if you're like me and have leaky sneakers you just cross your fingers that Mother Nature will forget that you drive a giant van with a giant motor and just be NICE for once! Meanie!!!

So, we're back in the studio mixing our next record. K's been sick so he sat out the first day. Dave and I went to his house to pick up some gear on our way up. Dave was convinced K had SARS or something...

The Carriage House looks great with all the snow... and the BLAZE didn't even get stuck once because she's an agile lady, a 4 ton snow leopard, if you will. Won't you?

There's Daphne and Echo romping around in the snow.

Dave and I spent most of the second day screening on laptops while Zac and K oversaw the mix session with Dr. Ribando. The Jupiter One I.T. Department was on full throttle! Dave e-blasted HUNDREDS of emails, I was uploading and downloading til the cows came home, and our newest intern Erica spent the entire day designing flyers and stuff. Gigabonks were eblasting across the internet!!

At the stroke of 6p we were invited to Johnny's for a Christmas party. Wine and Lasagna! Dave and Zac took a tour of his house and snapped this picture of yours truly from some secret area.

Back to the studio for more mixing and screening. Here's Zac relaxing with his analog screen.

Ok. More later. Robot Chicken is on...


Pre-Holiday CATCH UP!


Quite a bit has been going on these days... so much so and at such a pace that our usual staff of Bloggers can't quite keep up. We've hired various interns to help out, but you know how that goes... its all fun and games until you gotta scrub the toilet. Anyhoooo... Pat here, on my debut blog post! I'm going to try to make sense of the last few weeks and though I'm having trouble remembering the exact sequence of events this is pretty much what happened. Go:

I live with Jeff Taylor in a technicolor treehouse in Bushwick, Brooklyn. And not the snazzy part of Bushwick with all your organic food shops and hoity toity fabrics, the real disaster area part with rats the size of VWs and rain every single day of the week. One night one of these rats busted in our window and cleaned us out.

But for some reason they left a few guitars around. So we high-fived for our mixed fortune, blasted a little Zeppelin and went to bed. The next day Jeff put a sign in the window to try to trap some more bandits, but it didn't work.

So we decided to do laundry. No time to sulk! It was Friday and JUPITER ONE was playing the Mercury Lounge!!!

Speaking of Jeff Taylor... He's been working on a real wicker couch of a record. He lets us all come in and play stuff on it. Its been great. One day Zac showed up and decided to cut loose on a couple songs. He sang and played flute and clarinet and all kinds of stuff and it sounded really great. Go Zac!

Then at some point Jupiter One went to Washington, DC to play some club and some interesting (at least to us) things happened. The first of which was a stow away in the BLAZE. Zac and Dave and I knew that Jeff Taylor was coming in the BLAZE with us to DC, but K DIDN'T! So Jeff's 6'5" frame collapsed itself under the seat that K was sitting in for no less than 45 minutes. Halfway down the turnpike he emerged and scared the crap right outta K. It was great!

The club we played was Rock and Roll Hotel. We saw Margo and Iceman! We love those guys. (see previous post for when we rocked their wedding) Then Rich let us stay at his house. In the morning I heard a floorboard creak and opened one eye to see Jeff standing there with his backpack on ready to hit the museums. He's a pretty big history buff and was so excited he could barely sleep. We funneled a few pots of coffee in our faces so as to match his enthusiasm. Time to hit the bricks! We did this salute on the Department of Labor.

We went to the National Archives and looked at the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. There's my boy Caesar Rodney. Go Delaware!!! If you're not first, you're last...

Jeff got in a staring contest with J. Edgar Hoover and lost.

Dave just got pissed at him for not understanding the benefits of clean coal technology.

Then he found this great Barack Obama Christmas record at a gift shop.

We split to my Mom and Dad's house where we were filled with snacks and homemade soup. Good country living!! Jeff and I put up the Christmas tree. Dave told us various stories that my mother disapproved of.

We performed the Department of Labor salute for my folks and blasted back to the city. A solid week!


December 14, 2008

Ryan Visits The Studio!

Carriage House-Stamford, CT
Our manager Ryan Ruden came up to the studio today. He wanted to hear the new songs and cook us dinner??? None of us knew he could cook. We're talking about a guy who usually eats turkey sndwiches on white bread with no cheese or condiments. But he surprised us and cooked a really great dinner.

After we played him some songs we decided to make a "Holiday Recipe." They're Jupiter One Christmas Cakes. Basically a pancake turned red by mixing in a strawberry freeze pop and adding Passion Fruit Vodka with Maple Syrup on top....

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