April 29, 2007

Trickle-down Economics

Hello everybody. We had a great time playing at IOTA Club in Arlington, VA again. We made some new friends and also hooked up with some older ones as well. Here is drummer Dave Heilman making friendly in his usual way with a fiberglass pig at the Eastern Market area in DC where some of us crashed (and, oh, did we crash).
The indidenous softshell crabcake was "simply divine" and definitely "to die for".

We stopped at this park right by Reagan Airport and tried to take some scenic pictures, but these dumb camera hogging planes would try and get into our pictures at all costs. I'm sorry but this is best shot of us that we could get.

April 25, 2007

Stop Motion Promo Video

Watch our singles escape and make sweet sweet love!!!!

click here to go to the link

April 24, 2007

In the NY POST

Soooooo..our very good friend Sarah Gregory (of Sweet Tater) was featured in today's POST. They did a piece on different occupations and she was the official "Designer/Store Owner"....she also gave us a 'lil shout in the column...

Check it out!

click here to go to the link


April 18, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen:

We are overjoyed to count among our fans the world-renowned Jac Holzman!

This elder statesman of the music industry (and a man who carries a mini-lantern on his person --how deep is that!) put the songs that you will hear, come summer, into the order that you will hear them, come summer.
This is called sequencing and it's the reason you like albums.
If you don't like albums, just singles, then you are a 13yr old girl and you don't know what's good anyway.

Jac spent a lot of time listening to the songs and conceived a conceptual and emotional whole.
Sometimes the creators of the album are unable to listen with objective ears...maybe we want to put the songs in the order of the live set...or maybe we want to disagree with each other about things cause SOMEbody is just like that...

Anyway, when Jac Holzman asked to do this, we were quite flattered, and after listening to the album in it's entirety at the Cordless offices, we were instantly thrilled with what we heard.

This is the best album we could have made right now.

You will enjoy it.

Jac was gracious enough to pose for some pics with us. I tried to resist asking him too many questions about the Doors and stuff, but he indulged me anyway. Can't wait to read his book. He is super cool. He seems 20 years younger than he is. My guess that among the five of us, only Dave will be as sprightly.


April 11, 2007

Diorama 2: this time with TK

This time we asked our awesome photographer friend TK from www.TKExperience.com to come and take the pictures with his mastery of the photographic arts. He used a canon EOS series camera to take a super hi-rez image. I was told that the flagship model of this series was used to create Tim Burton's "Corpse Bride". What made me really feel old is the fact that he used the laptop to trigger the camera via USB and we could preview it instantly!

This time we used two different light sources, one to light up the foreground, and one to light up the back ground, which for one of them is an inverted Chinese ocean wave watercolor, and the other is a page from a science book from 1965 (they fantasize about a moon landing 'cause it hasn't happened yet).

Anyways, with a little Adobe saturation and correction, we have some pretty wild imagery. Thanks TK!

April 4, 2007



Well here's our new website!
Let me give you "the tour." Below we have some videos of our Canadian tour, pictures we've been taking, and some rambling...Over here to our right is info on shows, some more rambling, mailing list info....And if we take a look up top there, you'll see a picture of our lonely instruments ..we told them we were going to get a gallon of milk, and never came back :(
Thanks to everyone who came out to the last Mercury show..we'll see you soon!

P.S> This link will take you to an article the Hudson Reporter printed on us: Click Here
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