June 11, 2009


We got a 911 call from our man Ryan down at YABO in Ft. Myers, FL.  Says they need some Jupiter One in their life....naturally we shimmied down the fireman's pole and hopped in the Blaze.

We got 2 days and 1,300 miles to drive so we decided to make a stop at Ice Man and Margo's along the way.  I can't remember AT ALL what we did when we got there other than looking at their wedding photos (which had plenty of us in them.)  As "Glen" always said,  "Hearing about people's dreams are like looking at photos.   If you're not IN any of them...then you're just not interested."  Needless to say, Margo probably cooked something and Ice Man probably had us cracking up about something....either way.  A good time.  Obvi.

So we woke up the next morning and started our long ass haul from Richmond, VA to Orlando, FL.  Gonna meet up with our friend Dave Toback (a.k.a. Toebutt), and drive the rest of the way to Ft. Myers in the morning.

With Pat at the wheel......

Zac reading his book....

K working on his "Anna" Re-mix...

..and Me taking a picture of myself; we were ready to plow through miles of highway to reach the Florida Sun.

UNTIL, for no apparent reason 2 cop cars decided to pace the entire freeway at 20 miles an hour. 


We never did find out the reason for all this, but we drove that way for a loooooooong time.  NOW we might show up to Toebutt's super late...which means we won't get to make fun of him in his MAGIC jersey.  Once the cops FINALLY left,  the SilverBlaze opened up and never looked back....

Our only other obstacle from this point on was trying to distract K from yelling "PULL OVER!" everytime we passed one of these....

Despite the several pee stops  (for K)....

...we eventually made it.  And yes...Toebutt was sitting on his couch, donning his MAGIC jersey.  We had some drinks, Pat met some friends at a bar around the corner, and then we all slept.  zzzzzz


SUNY Institute of Technology

Utica, NY

So we're trying to catch up a bit....sorry we're so behind!  This show happened on April 25th and the best part was watching this student doing sound....i wish we had audio cuz all you'd hear is a series of exclamatory sh*ts and f*cks as he desperately searched for cables, mics, stands, whatever.....this kid was WAY too young to be this stressed out....

The second best part was this Gladiator Tournament going on in front of us.  The big guy on the left would just stand there taking hit after hit...he owned everyone for at least 2 1/2 hours.  No one could beat him....it was like watching a giant pelted with Q-Tips....
Finally the beast got tuckered out and knocked off.  That's when these girls hopped on....

K watched them battle for awhile and got real excited.  He just kept staring like a panting dog desperate for someone to throw a stick.....he wanted to play!

We laughed at all the other kids around campus trying to figure out who this stranger was; gleaming at the sidelines.  Eventually K just had to ask, "Hey, can I fight you?" At which point she politely said, "No, that's okay.  I'll just let you play...." 

 Apparently, teenage college girls aren't into "playing Gladiator" with strange men....probably cuz that's Creeeeeepayyyyyyyyyy!

After many hours of K goading me, I finally submitted to a duel.  This was a very heated and passionate fight....

Round 1 was taken by Mr. Ishibashi......much to my chagrin.

It was a big upset, but I got back on the proverbial horse and focused my chi.

Knock me down once......shame on you.

Knock me down twice??.....shame on ME.

One fake right, then a follow through left.....

...and BAM!!!  Sent K into next week....Rounds 3 through 14 ended up pretty much the same way.  But he was a worthy opponent...very cunning and honorable.


June 1, 2009

Unglued remix?

Not really sure if this counts as a remix, but it sure as hell counts as funny.

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