October 31, 2007

Featured artist on EA TRAX!

Here's an article on Jupiter One on EA's main music page!

October 25, 2007

Album Review and Interview

Here's an album review by Jen Cray of INK 19
and The Daily Rockasked me a few questions....here's the answers :)


October 12, 2007

MOJO Interview

Remember that Girl`s Gone Wild type film crew that showed up at our Mercury Lounge show?

Here`s the interview with some live footage.

October 8, 2007


Shortly after writing that last post, I stepped away from the hotel desk to find Zac jumping on the bed. His sudden burst of energy inspired me to grab his legs and engage him in the manliest of gladiator-like sports.....a "Tickle Fight." What I didn't know was that this act would send Zac into a state of regression, conjuring up childhood fears and past memories of tickle tragedies. The expression on his face changed to a vacuous, yet insane forest creature preparing for berserk mode.

Something like this:

In a blaze of tickle fury I had my right index finger kicked in and yanked while still grasping his jeans.....resulting in an injury called, "Jersey Finger." How amazing is that?!?!?! Apparently it happens to football players a lot....From this Howard's Club show till the end of the tour I was forced to play with 9 fingers AND in a drunken haze. Most people know that's usually not my move, but in order to bear the pain....drinks were extremely necessary. I apologize to everyone who met me beyond October 1st.....

Cookies help me feel better the next day.

The Bowling Green show was fun, despite the digit loss, and we played with some great guys who hung with us in Toledo the following night. (Nathan, Dave, Iron Mailen, and The Belles). We ate some tacos with Brock , Molly, and Linda, played with Earwig, then headed to Michigan the next morning. A SUPER long drive to the Upper Peninsula (practically Canada) but great views along the way. WE stopped at some giant lakes and tree-filled mountain ranges for frisbee drills.

No better place to be in the Fall than Michigan.

We got to Marquette and played UPFRONT & Co. for 2 nights. This place had a nice big stage, a great staff (Kendra, Kate, Stacey, Amanda, Lee, Seth), and the greatest crowds yet. They came to party....so did we. We spent a day there playing frisbee on the fringe of Lake Superior and walked half a mile along a rock jetty straight into the lake. We got to the end and climbed up a pedestal to a small lighthouse. There was a sign bolted on it that read: "KEEP 50 FEET AWAY WHEN ALARM SOUNDS." What good is that sign when you're 2 inches away?!?!?! You couldn't put that sign up BEFORE we climbed a ladder and are suddenly at risk of becoming deaf?!?!?! We fancied it a clever government practical joke...(as we bolted out of there).

Next stop was Cincinnati. Along the way K discovered a never-before-heard-of snack, "Beef Jerky Chew." Makes sense. I mean Hey, we ALL love Chewing Tobacco and we all love Beef Jerky....it was only a matter of time!

When we got Cincinnati our manager, Ryan, was waiting for us...excited as ever to join the tour. He just couldn't wait to share small hotel rooms and sleep with another guy in his bed....finally!

We got to The Poison Room, did a sound check with Tom, and walked around Main street meeting the natives. We spent hours leading a fruitless search for the studio of WKRP, but got to meet some interesting people. We found 2 daughters and their Mom changing clothes for "Adventure Day," a couple of nice girls headed to bars and some other baby-boomers headed to a Kid Rock concert? Really??!! Nice meeting you Leah, Sarah, Jill, Janie, Donna, Chelsea...hope to see you next time.
Wendy hooked us up at the bar, poor Mart and Anna got their car towed (hope that worked out buddy!), and Stacey, Matt, and Phil were hanging all night. Wendy did SUCH a good job that Zac and I re-enacted the "Jake E Lee Shreds" clip from YouTube. I supplied all of Ozzie's ridiculous hand claps while Zac "melted faces." If you haven't seen this yet, go check it out...high comedy.
Thanks to Halos Were Seen Landing There for playing some great music that night.

Our last and final show of the tour was in CLEVELAND! On the way to the club poor Brewy got busted by THE MAN! Speeding ticket for Jupiter One :(

Larry, Johnnie, and Cesar helped us close the tour out at Peabody's....the night started of with a great band called Run, Run, Addington and the small army of Madison East took the stage next. We got to play a really fun show (with the help of all their girlfriends) and Zac was so excited he gave K a swift headbutt during Platform Moon...K retaliated with a chest blow....I was hoping for an all out BRAWL, but the music just kept on going. One injured member is enough for now I suppose.......we're coming back home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 1, 2007


We rolled into town around 2 am. Although we were disappointed that we missed Robot Chicken, we managed to find plenty of entertainment through the ridiculous accent provided by Kate Beckinsale in "Van Helsing." After an hour of that we passed out and drove another 3 hours to Davenport, Iowa the next morning.

We recorded some of Mocha's keyboards into a sampler (she's in Japan for a couple days) and then left to play RIBCO in Rock Island. A good place for music and a great place to get drunk (giving the band a case). My family came out from MN to hang with us and Minus 6 closed down the place. Apparently they have a sax player in the band, Matt, who could be my body double. (He's 6'2" so he's actually more of a head double). K and Ben both mistook him for me about 6 times that night.

I met a local who taught me about the "Angry Pirate" after I educated him on the process of a "Tony Danza." We also got to hang with the infamous Jimmy Vaughn.....

The next night was in Bloomington, Normal, IL. Downtown baby! NV Ultra Lounge had a great bartender (thanks Dan!) and Harry was on point. Not many townies around, but Audrey and Sam were in it for the long haul...when that placed closed down we ran up to "Levi's" for some spontaneous music making, also known as "pickin'" by the Auburn natives. These guys have an apartment across the street filled with instruments and beer that is ALWAYS open. Apparently anyone can just walk in and start playing.....so we did.

Today we drove through Indianna, picked up the latest Shins, VHS or BETA, and Otis Redding for the van, and now we're gonna play Howard's Club in Ohio......
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