August 27, 2007

FREE signed copy of the 2008 John Madden Football Video Game (contest)

So, Jupiter One has a song in the Madden game. If yer little brother (a.k.a. you) wants a signed copy of the 2008 John Madden Football Game for FREE, follow these instructions.

1. The game is sitting on our manager's desk on 14th street. The building's access code is 4631. Break in around 3pm Wednesday afternoon (he'll be at a lunch meeting) and steal it. There. simple, right?

ACTUALLY, here's how it's done. Anyone who buys a physical copy our album at AND makes a "Countdown" video of their own, will be entered to win. It can be as simple as a video response to YouTube or a more "hi-res" format of your choice. The winner will be selected randomly, which means you can win even if yer "video budget" was 3 bucks, a cardboard box, and 5 kittens.* NO Worries! The Contest Deadline is SEPTEMBER 10th!!!!

The winner will be chosen September 12th.

Have fun

August 24, 2007

time machine/cd release party!!!!

i was thinking about our overwhelmingly successful cd release show. it was late last night. i was thinking about a few other things too as i surfed the web. and inbetween those things i was thinking about my time machine.
not thinking about actually building/buying one, but, before i can indulge in a fantasy i have to know that it's going to be plausible.

two reasons: think about this: young versions of stevie nicks and chaka khan.

now, i know what you're thinking:" how would you get to meet these two godesses even if you did successfully time travel?" instead of answering that, i'm going to invite the folks who were at the cd release party to leave comments on this post and whoever leaves the meanest one gets a really hard bite on the neck or arm by me, zac.

thanks for coming to the party at the mercury everyone, it was really fun and as you know, a party is only as cool as its constituents. can't wait to see y'all again soon and please say prayers for us and more importantly wish us luck (by buying our cd!) while we drive around the country

next time we see you we'll have lots more songs for you to enjoy which means that k and i will have engaged in fistfights and hair-pulling

love love love

August 17, 2007


Friday, August 17th
217 E. Houston @ Ave. A
Cover: $10

Please understand that this will be a room filled with people you want to go to summer camp with. Where all the counselors are HOT and ping pong tables are plentiful.... grape soda and Cheeze Doodles around every corner.....hell, there's even a Chess table somewhere by the Knock-Hockey Arena.

We'll have the Album and T-shirts available!
, but if you can't make the show visit for orders.

August 8, 2007

Debut Album - Countdown Remix

Finally our debut album "Jupiter One" is available on iTunes and most digital outlets...ENJOY :)
The link is on our homepage:

ALSO....if you ever thought, "Man..I love Jupiter One in my car, at the office, and at home, but HOW do I get them on the dancefloor too???"

THIS is how:

These guys in LA did a RE-MIX of "Countdown"!

You can pick up a physical copy of our cd at the show...

Friday, August 17th
217 E. Houston @ Ave. A
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