January 17, 2010

Sunshower Tour w/ Regina Spektor (Day 31)

Go northwest, young men (not you, K), go northwest!

We woke up in a weirdie hotel (Duh.) and shook ourselves off. Time to hit the road to Oakland!

Its a beautiful day out and the road is paved with Subway™ and Outer Space Machines™

Its a long straight drive from LA to Oakland. We're all a little battered from the Fancy Colors show last night. We've got the Blaze wound up tight and some Tom Petty on the box! Little did we know that ol' Tom played the Fox Theatre that we're about to play tonight. That is a boosh.

We saw a bunch of our good friends and I took pictures of ALL of them. (Their good sides of course.) Here they are!

Aisha Maroon!
Jesse Fritts!
Kenny Maroon!
After that I charged them each $1 for a picture with me.

Woohoo!!! 5 bucks!! I immediately spent that on a picture with one-a my best buds Ali. What a bargain!

Then these guys paid me 5 bucks to take their picture! I couldn't be in it cuz then their moms would know they weren't at glee club or whatever... Thanks guys!

We had a great time! K met Anthony Scott (fantastic animator for films such as "Coraline" and "The Corpse Bride") backstage and coerced him to work on a new video for us. (Stay posted for that... should be rad.)

After the show we put K on the bus and went to try to catch Mike 'Sex Machine' Thompson's set with his band Tokyo Raid. We got there too late for the show, but just in time to help him load out. He was stoked!

Dave helped load out the pretty girls.

But he left all the drums and heavy stuff for Mike. Not so stoked...

Anyhoo... we went back to Mike and Kelly's place and watched Mike drink a buncha booze and make funny faces.

and Dave was all tuckered out.



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