March 20, 2008

DAY 10!

New Orleans hell yeah!
Mamma don't allow no music-playin round here
Mamma don't allow no music-playin round here
Well I don't care what mamma don't allow
Gonna play that music anyhow
Mamma don't allow no music-playin round here

Skunk in the barnyard -peeyew
Somebody ate it -that's you
How did it taste? . . . just right.
When did you eat it? -

ok nevermind that. what was i - OH YEah New Orleans.

Just call us Ocean's 4

Dave had never been to the Crescent City before so to celebrate we started drinking at noon, gave each other new names and did whatever we wanted, like trespassing:

Yeah we love taking pictures in or near other peoples' vehicles...
Guess what? The city even knew we were bringing our very own Happy Panda!

I had a great time at Maple Leaf last time I was in town, so after we yucked it up on Bourbon St. for a few, I typed the old 'Leaf into the GPS and it turned out it was right by Circle Bar, where we'd be playing. My point is that this proximity basically DEMANDED that we dedicate the rest of the evening to drinking at the Maple Leaf. We met a sweet man there who told us stories and a sweet bartender, Tracey, who got us feelin' good. Then back to the back patio where we met some other out of towners who were extremely generous and us very receptive.

We tickled Happy Panda for our own amusement

Circle bar was under renovation, so they brought in a little P.A. system and we played in the bar. No Problem. You want Rock. You got it. Thanks to The Teenage Prayers for kickin ass there and Justin for runnin' a cool room and hooking us up. Special thanks to Dave for bringing us to town! See y'all soon.



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December 12, 2008 at 2:52 AM  

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