April 29, 2008

DAYS 43 thru 45

Paradise Valley, MT

K had a great idea. We had a couple days off so he rented us a cabin in Montana where we could set up our instruments and write songs all day.....brilliant!

Here's a video tour through our cabin:

Our drive there from Wyoming was pretty tame but the sky was constantly changing...pretty cool.

When we arrived it was snowing.

We went into the local bank for some free popcorn, went to the supermarket, and bought 3 days worth of food. Once we convinced K we didn't need ALL that Ramen Noodle we loaded up the Blaze and took off for the cabin. It was a super dope house with an amazing view from every window.

Here's the trusty Silver Blaze....

It was crazy being all domesticated and stuff. We felt like REAL people for a second. Pat and Zac made some sort of Cowboy Stew for dinner one night (beans, sausage, vegetables). Me and Zac made spaghetti with Turkey Sauce (which is weird) another night. K made breakfast and washed the dishes...a lot. It felt like a wholesome sitcom. Like "My Two Dads" or something, only there was four of us and we're not Dads. Well K is, ...but it doesn't count cuz Sola wasn't there. So i guess it was more like "My Four Guys in a Band," if we assume "the cabin" is the protagonist of the show. Meaning the show would still be about us, but you would always hear the voice of "the cabin" interjecting with hilarious one-liners and catchy phrases. Studio laughter would ensue and we would just smile and look around at each other as if to say, "Oh Cabin. You're ALWAYS one step ahead of us."

Anywhooooo, we started running through the mountains in the mornings.

First day was 5 miles to the Chico Resort. Second day was 8 miles to a huge Hot Spring. We had to leave K there cuz he fell in and got his shoes wet. Pat, Zac, and I walked for a long time through the old gold-mining village. Pretty cool/creepy. By the time we all got back we had sunburns and could barely walk. We skipped our run the third day :)

I found this great American Flag necklace in the house.

We took a walk....Here's Pat desperately trying to out run the camera timer.....he lost.

... he won.

We stopped by the local "Saloon" one night but realized The Fugitive was on TV. HARRISON FORD!!! We went back home to watch it. After introducing ourselves to some new Burnett's family members (Rog*/ Grape Ape/ & Nillers) we were feeling pretty good and restless. Let's watch A River Runs Through It!!!!!! Bad idea. Terrible boring movie. It didn't help that we couldn't watch Tom Skerritt without thinking of the Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job Jingle. (you guys have to find that....so funny!)


* Zac refers to "Rog" as "Aurora Borealis"......for short.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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May 3, 2008 at 1:45 PM  
Anonymous Berette said...

I LOVE those pics - you make me want to get out of NYC immediately!!

May 8, 2008 at 8:24 PM  
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