May 16, 2008

DAY 59

Phoenix, AZ (Rogue Bar)

We woke up to a new world...(where in our minds only good bands get to play Conan)...and we put our new socks on. Took a run around Jim's neighborhood with Lynn leading us on her bike (Mickey Goldmill style). it was oppressively HOT. but we lasted 4 miles. Got lost walking back to his house....seriously. That place was like a rat maze...we were just sun-burned idiots in shorts aimlessly walking around a development with a MILLION roads and carbon copy houses. We got there eventually and then split for the community pool.

We got there with a cooler full of beers and a pool full of kids...ALL RELATED! I was nuts. The Mom and 8 of her kids. We got to know each one while puppeteering them to do any style dive we wanted....these kids were fearless. Keep in mind that Pat and i didn't have shorts. We were just hanging at the pool...rapping with all these little our underwear. We were just WAITING for the cops to show up and ask if that's our "Lesson Van" out front.

Anyway, we took our showers and went to the club. Rogue Bar is a cool place (technically in Scottsdale, but they don't like to be associated with that town, so we'll say Phoenix). The owner, Lyndsay is SUPER cool and a pool HUSTLER.

I had to warn the next victim..... (and offer him some pie to win my money back)

The show......

The Jim...

The Lynn...

The pants pre-Salsa fight....

Soooooo yeah. I hopped off the wagon for one night and wound up trying to walk the 40 miles back to Glendale...the guys couldn't find me....drove around for hours....Zac called the cops....He and K had a Salsa-throwing fight in the van (R.I.P. white pants)...they found me back at Jim's....grilled some burgers while the sun came up....and we all went to sleep.

Thanks to Terrance and Gina for doing such a great job ;) , Lyndsay for having us, Jim and Lynn (of course), our new friends Kyndra, Karen, and Jeff Bagg, and JD Samson (Le Tigre) ...



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