August 29, 2008


Charlotte, NC (The Evening Muse)

The night caught a second wind when "magic" was introduced. Don had pulled an impressive card trick that won him a pretty precious wager.

K hopped on board with a card trick of his own that failed to impress my skeptical self...

I tried to show him how he could "engage" the audience a bit more.......

Ya see....THAT's how you captivate an audience....

We wound things down a bit with some camp fire style sing-a-alongs while K hung around the "Lance Bass" chat rooms....

Sleep ensued....morning came soon after. Judy Spinelli hooked up breakfast once again and then K and Pat went for their second 3 mile run.....Zac and I are sick so we're just laying low for now....Pat and K came back sweaty as all hell which inspired a jaunt in the pool. Yup. The Rock 'n' Roll Hotel comes fully equipped with an enormous pool. Crazy.

We all went to see Tropic Thunder together and it was rad. Tom Cruise made us all forget how much we hate him. Les Goldman is a Hero. "Why don't you take a couple steps back and LITERALLY......"- L.G.

Before the show, we watched a ton of Bowie DVD's....Zac was entranced with the wealth of Old Grey Whistle Test footage.....

K likes to do his Pre-Show Super Pumped Up Get Psyched Ritual........sleep.

Don showed us his scrape.....and then we were off to The Evening Muse.

After the show we all hung out at Sanctuary with Scott, Johnny, Andrew (thanks for the rounds), Sarah, Jenny, Libby, Emily, Ellen, Brittany, Jennifer, and of course the Kosters......good to see you Chris

We all got into a pretty heated Man VS. Machine "Donut Head Professor" competition at the Mega Touch....look at this intensity

Thanks for a good night Charlotte...



Blogger Laurie said...

Thank you! Seems like so long ago now. Every time we go to Sanctuary we talk about you.

I'm trying to subscribe to your blog so it's on the front page of my reader, but don't see a link to do so, except on this comment page. Am I missing something or can you add the RSS link to the blog?

Congrats on Heroes too!

September 12, 2008 at 7:53 AM  

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