August 27, 2008


University of SC (Columbia, SC)

Perhaps I should define "Rock 'N' Roll Motel." There is a family here in Charlotte, NC known to support music and the people who make it to the extent of allowing touring bands to sleep in their home and feed them INSANE amounts of home-cooked food. (and night caps) This blessed Koster family is made up of Don, Laurie, Dana, Chris, and the matriarch Judy Spinelli. We are very much in their debt and owe them SEVERAL favors, but they owe me one umbrella so for now I'm calling it even.

We woke up in the morning to a huge breakfast of eggs, home fries, sausages, toast, and WHATever else you could possibly want. Judy's a mean cook. We got on the road around 2pm to Columbia, SC and the show got moved inside due to rain. Matt hooked us up with some "mood" lighting and we gave birth to a new song named "Anna." The guys from a great Columbia band called Baumer came down to hang out. We found a guy in the audience with a cut on his ankle...(sorry we forgot yer name dude)

We also met Sarah and Mary.....Mary had a bruise on her leg.

We ate in the school cafeteria (at the "cool" table) and Panda foolishly thought I couldn't make it to the stairs on my hands...

He was right... :(

Chad from Baumer invited us to spend the night at his place, so we found ourselves in a great apartment with his wife baking brownies. Yup. Brownies. Josh came over with his AMAZING puppy named Bella. While I played with the dog, ....K played with this sword.

We were celebrating our album release and some friends told us we're the featured new artist in VIRGIN so I decided to mark the occasion with a couple firsts. I smoked my first cigarette and drank my first beer. **

And by "cigarette" I mean one of these "Vanilla Little Cigars" Zac bought for a dollar....

**Jupiter One does not condone the use of tobacco and/or alcohol. +

+ Unless you put out yer first record.

Anywhoooooooo........we fell asleep at some point and woke up at some point.

Thanks for the hang Chad and Kristen....



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The guy with the scratch on his ankle is named Michael. :)

August 28, 2008 at 12:13 PM  

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