September 21, 2008


Minneapolis, MN (Uptown Bar) "Death Of The SilverBlaze"

Off to Minnnesota!

We saw some great scenery and some great mullets too....

At some point in the drive Zac said, "Hey guys. Our battery light is on. What does that mean?"

To which K replied, "It means the battery is not able to properly recharge itself."

"How much longer is the drive?" I asked.

"4 hours," replied Zac.


Pat tried calling any open Firestones along the luck

We made it all the way to my Uncle's house in St. Paul. He confirmed Pat's hypothesis that the alternator is busted and my cousin declared, "Our van will break down very soon." So we hurried back in and drove straight to the club. The battery power had been drained so much that we had NO odometers working of any kind and the headlights were just a faint glimmer of hope. But we made it!!!!

We'd been looking forward to this show for a long time cuz our friends Me and My Arrow were playing. Economy Team and Military Special also sounded great.....we made some new friends like Heather and Aunt Kristen and Uncle Doug came out, so did our favorite bartenders Mary and Jason, Nick from These Modern Socks, and Ami and Crystal too.

We had some pre-show Jimmy John's (#6) and hung out till 3 am waiting for a tow truck. We were all pretty blasted (thanks Brian) and I had the hiccups. Unfortunately, the tow truck guy said our van was too heavy for him so he just jumped the battery.....I looked on.....with hiccups...

(video coming soon)

The battery lasted all of 4 minutes till we got back on the freeway and the Blaze just stopped. We kinda just slept on the freeway till a bigger tow truck showed up at 5am....towed it to the in a cab and went to my Uncle's in St. Paul. *SLEEP*



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