September 25, 2008


Columbus, OH (Skully's)

Zac and K met up with us at Krissy & Miranda's for a shower. Nikki had given them a present...a souvenir, if you will, to remember our last visit to Bowling Green, OH. She even framed it like the sweetheart she is:

Some of you might be thinking, 'oh. it's a newspaper clipping from the concert calendar. Or a review of the last show they played.' But actually it's a section of "Blotter" which prints all the dirty deeds done by the dregs of BG. Who's names have been added to that list of heinous crimes??? Take a closer look....

Look Mom...i'm not on there!!!!! :-) (Making you proud)

Some of you may remember our last time in town we had no place to go and a few hours to kill before the club opened up so we took to drinking inside the comfort of our van. Guess that's illegal. Weird when you think about it cuz we owned the booze and we owned the that so wrong?? This has been "Rationalization Hour" with your host, Dave.

Anywhooo....we stopped by Finders and then had lunch at Pisanello's. Thanks Miranda & Krissy!

We rolled up to Skully's and met Ryan from Ghost Shirt. Turns out they're named after a Kurt Vonnegut story of Indian warriors. Vonnegut so happens to be my favorite author so it's no surprise they were a great band too. The Hot Damn opened up the night and they rocked it. Lauren was training behind the bar and with Phil & Lindsay as "coaches" she's destined for greatness. After the show Phil and Dave from Ghost Shirt invited us to an after hours hang at AndyMan's Treehouse. We heard great things about this place back in NYC and it's rumors are not exaggerated. I'm reading The Aeneid right now so I might be a LITTLE too sensitive to "omens," but the first 3 of Phil's jukebox pics were The Beach Boys, ELO, and David Bowie. Must mean we're supposed to see this guy again....VERY soon.



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