November 5, 2008

Dave & Pat's Birthday Extravaganza!

East VIllage, NYC to Lancaster, PA to Lower East Side, NYC

All within 24 hours. Thanks to the amazing designated driving of Aaron Zimmer!

okay. so. My birthday is October 23rd and Pat's is October 24th. We began the weekend with drinks at BLUE & GOLD on 7th st. and First Ave. Team Bushwick was there.....(Stacy, Jeff Taylor, Zimmer, and Pat)

So was Your Vegas....(Mat Steel----Mark showed up later)

Arthur came down....

Fro too....

Ryan and k (of course)....

...and good 'ole Ricky "Tell Me 2 Times" Valente!

Sorry we didn't get pics of everyone...some honorable mentions go out to Lorena, Jesse, Laura, Cindy, Marshall, Angie, Paul, Mandy, Julie, Shane & GianCarla....

If you had a sticker of my giant head on your shirt, that means you got cake.....

The huge Cookie cake came special delivery from L.A. Thanks Sara!

Pat got a voucher for 76 boxes of CHEEZ-ITs...

All I got was this Britney Spears hat...

Actually my friends all pitched in and got me a super rad iTouch. It's gonna take me a month to figure out all the sh@t it can do, but it's awesome :) They thought I could use another "Screen" to put in front of my face.
When BLUE & GOLD closed we walked around the corner to Tile Bar. Pat's friend Matt was there to win the award for most random gift. An ALOE branch....

The bartender, Mary, was super cool for letting us hang all night until Zimmer came around with the van at 4am....

We tried to sleep while Aaron drove the 4 hours straight to Lancaster, PA. We had an 8am soundcheck for a NACA Showcase so that gave us a couple hours to sober up. That didn't work out....

When we registered our names they made a Typo on PAT's ....he had to wear that all day. awesome.

After playing LOUD at 8am we all nursed our hangovers at the free continental breakfast...yay! Then we needed sleep. Our booking agent let us use his hotel room till the show at 5pm......

It's 10 am. Time for bed.



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