December 21, 2008

Some Other Stuff from the Frozen Northeast!



It snowed a bunch this week. For about 10 minutes it snowed the BIGGEST flakes I've ever seen!! They were seriously like potato chips. Maybe fritos scoops, but whatever. Point is: I was filled equally with joy and terror. There's a certain confusion you feel in the city when it snows... its beautiful for a brief period, then you realize that you actually have to walk in it for days... and if you're like me and have leaky sneakers you just cross your fingers that Mother Nature will forget that you drive a giant van with a giant motor and just be NICE for once! Meanie!!!

So, we're back in the studio mixing our next record. K's been sick so he sat out the first day. Dave and I went to his house to pick up some gear on our way up. Dave was convinced K had SARS or something...

The Carriage House looks great with all the snow... and the BLAZE didn't even get stuck once because she's an agile lady, a 4 ton snow leopard, if you will. Won't you?

There's Daphne and Echo romping around in the snow.

Dave and I spent most of the second day screening on laptops while Zac and K oversaw the mix session with Dr. Ribando. The Jupiter One I.T. Department was on full throttle! Dave e-blasted HUNDREDS of emails, I was uploading and downloading til the cows came home, and our newest intern Erica spent the entire day designing flyers and stuff. Gigabonks were eblasting across the internet!!

At the stroke of 6p we were invited to Johnny's for a Christmas party. Wine and Lasagna! Dave and Zac took a tour of his house and snapped this picture of yours truly from some secret area.

Back to the studio for more mixing and screening. Here's Zac relaxing with his analog screen.

Ok. More later. Robot Chicken is on...



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