December 29, 2008

Carriage House, CT

okay I am!

So I'd like to congratulate our bass playing Panda on his first Blogs...they were amazing and I'm reminded of a comment Sting made about Andy Summers when Ghost In The Machine came out. "Omega Man" (written by Andy Summers) was to be the frist single off the record. That is until Sting stepped in and said, "No way...we're going with 'Invisible Sun.' Andy's writing is getting good. A little TOO good."

But after all...we have our departments. So here I am. Writing in the wake of a brilliant mind and the only consolation I can provide is the future promise of a Mystery Science Theatre type blog where Pat and I collaborate....coming soon.

We try to "stagger" our days off so there is always SOMEONE here working with the tireless Chris "Choco" Bando on mixes. Pat went home to drive the "Old Folks." What does THAT mean you ask? rock stars we like to pretend we need money. So we work these odd and TOTALLY un-necessary jobs sometimes. We like to see how "the other half live." One of these so called "jobs" of Pat's is to drive the SilverBlaze around the Tri-State Area transporting a band of Senior Citizens. Literally a band. They do Cabaret...sing & dance...Pat drives them to shows and does their sound. Pretty amazing.....

We got into the holiday spirit and Pat cut the top off his parent's tree. We now have a Christmas Tree in the Blaze!

Some of you may know that we name EVERYTHING we own. The cup holders are named after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in alphabetical order from left to right. Now class....who can tell me where the above Christmas Tree is?????

We all got to hang with Pat's family a bit over the's his nephew Nevan. Pizza STILL makes me feel like this....

Here's his niece Birdie....she's a model. She can pose to the left:

...AND the right:

Erin made us banging meatballs. But Sheila gave us the tupperware to transport them. Thanks Sheila :) She also cut a hole in Pat's face to remember the debt....we're mailing them back tomorrow! I swear!

After a long hard day of driving, Pat's glad to be back in CT. Eyes shut, E-Bay sweatshirt on, hands in your that's a good night. Sweet dreams Panda. Sweet dreams.



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