January 25, 2009

Atlanta, GA

January 19th @ 10 High Club

D: "Hey Zac. We don;t have a show tonight. Call Jessica (Coolio) and ask if we can hop on the 'Metalsome'gig."

Z: "She said it's cool. you just have to use their drumset."

D: "No problem. How bad can it be?"

D: "Ah."

METALSOME is an amazing live karaoke band that does what the Arlene's Grocery guys do....only better. This is our 2nd time opening for these guys and they always rock it. Playing this drumset proved to be a challenge as I couldn't resist using every apparatus i saw. Pat put it best after soundcheck when he said, "It sounds like Tim and Eric drumming." Needless to say I held back during the actual show.

After our set the citizens of Atlanta took the stage for some good 'ol rock n roll. Surprise guest that evening was our very own K Ishibashi.

You may have noticed on the screen behind him that the song of choice was "Cherry Pie..."

(video to come)

Big thanks to Ganesh and his lady for being there bright and early to hang with us...The show was cool....If there's a tale to be told here it's one about poor old Ricky the drunk. Ricky was some drunk guy at the bar. He tried to strike up conversation with Pat and Me but i kinda/sorta shrugged him off. Later, we went downstairs and poor old Ricky the drunk starting yelling after us. We kinda/sorta started to run away until I heard him yell "your hat!" Woops. he was just trying to return the hat i'd left. Awww....sorry Ricky. After the set poor old Ricky the drunk wanted to help us load the gear back in the van. The bartenders kinda/sorta started screaming at him for using the band exit. He was saying, "I just want to help these guys!??!" They finally let him go when we acknowledged he WAS in fact helping us. An hour or two after that we saw poor old Ricky the drunk hop on stage to sing a number with the band. The song started and he had no clue where he was. Just desperately trying to catch up with the verses and failing. By the first chorus the band had kinda/sorta "Rick Rolled" him (a la The Hook--Apollo Style). The whole band just turned the lights off...stopped playing...and took a trip to the bar/bathroom while Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" video played on all the monitors.....poor old Ricky the drunk was just left alone on stage trying to figure out what happened. An hour or two after THAT i found poor old Ricky the drunk kinda/sorta getting his ass beat by the sound guy and bouncer in the middle of the street. Cops came soon after and took him away. Sorry Ricky :( We wont forget you.

We all got started on our drive to Nashville that night.....we stopped at a rest stop along the way for some coffee, pretzels, and pee time....there was a velvet rope and a LOOOOOOOOOONG line. Thank God Zac had his VIP bracelet...."step right up boys!"



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