January 25, 2009

Charleston, SC

January 17th - The Tin Roof

Hey Girls and Boys! Panda Bear at the helm today... we just woke up at Margo and Iceman's in Richmond and after some serious bloody mary brunch hanging I'm going to report the events of Charleston, SC. Sit back and relax... this is going to take a minute...

We drove from Jacksonville after some coffee with Kevin and Gina. We got to drive over this bridge! Three times! (Ol' Zac forgot his coat.)

There were these smoking towers. Terrifying. Looks like where Homer Simpson works.

Anyway... I'm very serious on this drive because there's a very serious hang on the horizon. I don't want to be late. Pedal to the metal, BLAZE! (Dave loves when I drive fast.)

K doesn't .

FINALLY! We reached our destination. Charleston, SC. The home of my A1-ALL-TIME-MAN-OF-ALL-TIME!!! RICKY HACKER!! (applause)

Allow me to pause for a second and describe the nature of my relationship with Ricky Hacker. There's a moment that happens sometimes, a glimpse of common purpose shared between two souls... it doesn't happen to ALL buds when they meet, but when it does you just know... ya know?! And so it was with Ricky and I. Grand Theft Auto. We forged our friendship out of solid steel while pushing my mother's car out of the driveway at age 15 and, without hesitation, driving it to a party at a college 50 miles away. My mom never knew... until NOW! (sorry mom.) Between then and now there have been various car wrecks, rock concerts, road trips... I mean, I was best man at his wedding fer chrissakes. There's a lot to say, but I'll spare you. Just understand this... I was ready to get down with the ol' boy in Charleston ASAP. Back to reality:

We made it to Ricky's restaurant, the famous EVO Pizza in North Charleston, he fed us some SERIOUS food. He's got a wood fired pizza oven and uses only local ingredients. If you're ever in Charleston hit it up. Its really delicious. Dave's buddy Sean was there. We got to try almost everything on the menu...

but everything comes with a price...

Afterwards we took some glamour shots with various vehicles.

Ricky with the EVO Mobile

Dave and the BLAZE'S Grandpappy

Zac and the BLAZE

Me and Lil Pup

K making this poor Minivan feel used

Off to the show!

We had a blast! Thanks to Matt Welch, Lauren, Brendan, all the EVO Folks, Elana Hacker: Queen of the Angels, Sean, Jessica, Charleston Symphony, and everybody else that made the trip! We rocked it out until they threw us on the pavement. Dave and K went to Sean and Jessica's.

Zac and I went to Ricky's and prepared for a Solid Sunday.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

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April 9, 2009 at 8:47 PM  

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