January 17, 2009

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

January 13th @ PBCC

I woke up the guys at 9am to hit the free continental breakfast. This place made the Carlos Fontecha fiasco seem like child's play! The buffet had everything a starving band could dream of. After strolling in from the parking lot and eating ourselves into oblivion we got back into the Blaze for a 10am Skype Interview. The journalist was in Liverpool so we had a good time making him talk like Ringo. (that never gets old)

We had a noon show at PBCC so we headed straight there to set up and play. Still in the previous days clothing and looking we slept in a van all night...cuz we did. The students were awesome and we pissed off the cafeteria by announcing on the mic "Tater Tots are Half Off!"
After the show we headed straight to James and Peggy's for a shower and nap...Her friends Daryl and Chiemi offered to make us dinner so we made a move for casa de comida and couldn't believe the feast that awaited. After weeks of Subway sandwiches it takes a minute to comprehend lasagna and meatballs....oh yeah. (Brownies with toffee in the middle too)

Only problem was getting past the dog...

The food was amazing and Daryl made us a banner with the original "Jupiter 1" spaceship from Lost In Space as the model...(for those who don't know the Jupiter 1 was a failed mission. It never made it. The ship from Lost in Space was the Jupiter 2)

In addition to being an artist, Daryl also happens to be an avid Maimi Dolphins fan....taking the word fan and expanding it to new heights. He has what Chiemi calls an OCD Room.....

Thanks for dinner guys!



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