January 5, 2009

New Year's Day

Back at the Carriage House, CT

Zac slept in the city that night and got a ride back up with our friend Ricky Valente. Our friends Chris Olsen and Dave Feddock have a band called "The Hot Left." Zac happens to live with them too. They just finished their first record with the MOST incredible art work we've ever seen.

The art direction was provided by the the talented Pat Pope. Pat was seeing Zac off and slipped this impromptu illustration in his bag....something to remember his housemates by whilst touring the south.

Please keep an eye out for our newest "Fire Away" music video directed by this genius. Coming soon....

K and I picked up our manager, Ryan, on the way up...Ryan was such a sweetheart he brought us bagels...notice the sharp outfit. He was meeting his fiance later for "date night." Awwwww....

We had to start the mix session a LITTLE late today because our engineer, Chris Ribando (ChocoBando), spent all night/morning in the Police Station. Apparently strangers shouldn't offer their un-welcomed opinions when there's a trash can nearby.....unless having said trash can smashed over your head is what you're going for.
At any rate, K thought he could start messing around with the control board while we waited for Choco's bail to be set....unfortunately Chris had prepared for that already by leaving a dissuasive note the night before.
After one simple edit, we realized the note was misinterpreted....Chris actually WANTED K to mess with his settings...

All was well when Chris arrived. No charges had been pressed. Ryan was halfway through "date night" when i got the text he might be "getting lucky." Pat was watching Family Guy. Zac was reading about the purpose of scent in regards to mating. I was screening. And K was drawing free association pictures....



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