March 5, 2009

Bring Your Band to Work Day!!!

So we're finishing up this new album and there's a lot of stuff that needs to happen. like buttons. we need more buttons damnit! Who's on buttons??? Why are there no buttons on my desk, huh? WHY?!!!!


Okay. Just counted to 10. I'm back.

So Pat and I thought it best to make ourselves comfortable at the label office (seeing as how we have no computers anymore - i.e. Bushwick thieves). We came down to 30 Irving Plaza and took the elevator to the 3rd floor. Ryko!

Ariella hooked us up with our very own cubicles and we got to work.

I decided that Pat should have the "spacious" cubicle because he'd be doing a lot more work than me. I'll just take this weirdo tiny cubicle over here. Apparently in addition to music, our record label also puts out poorly-titled Japanes Porn??

About an hour later I regretted that decision when I found Pat on a "personal" call with Zimmer......


**actually this was a pretty funny moment. Pat has no minutes on his cell phone (and we don;t get a signal in there anyway) so he was calling people from the office line. When his friend Aaron Zimmer tried to call Pat back the receptionist answered. Of course the receptionist kept telling Zimmer that no one worked there by the name of Pat Dougherty and Zimmer kept saying, "well he called me from this number" and the receptionist said that no one worked there named Pat Dougherty and Zimmer said, "well he MUST be there cuz he called me from there"...etc....etc.... Finally the receptionist walked throught the sea of cubicles until he found 2 strange faces (us). He asked if one of us is Pat Dougherty and Pat replied the affirmative. He said, "Oh. You have a call on line 2. I'll transfer it to your desk." Ha! The dude thinks we work here now!! **

Anyway, after a long day of e-mails and button requests we decided it was time for some snacks and water cooler talk...

PAT: Hey, who do you like for the super bowl this year?
DAVE: I guess the yankees. Hey, did you see last night's Seinfeld?
PAT: nah. i missed it. Got tied up diversifying my mutual funds.

Back to work....Conference Room! We need to talk about the artwork for this new record and the possibilty of Subway's $5 Footlong Special expiring before the tour.....if so, we got BiiiiiiG problems...

Thanks for letting us come and hang out in the office ALL day!



Anonymous Receptionist said...

We ask our employees to please keep their feet off the furniture. Thank you. :-P

March 10, 2009 at 10:52 AM  

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