March 21, 2009

Columbus, OH

The Treehouse
Today was an exciting one for two reasons. No. 1-- We're getting in the Blaze for the next 9 hours and driving to The Treehouse in Columbus, OH.

and No. 2 -- We found enough money in "Petty Cash" or as we call it "(Tom) Petty Cash" to buy jug handles of vodka/whiskey for the next 3 days. Yay!

Pat showed up at my house at 9am followed by a very hung-over Zac. We piled in the van and after 5 pee stops (for K) we had finally left the NJ/PA Turnpikes behind us and got out into some country...ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Panda's got his coffee in one hand and his favortie girl in the is good.

Until he remembers he has no money and needs to eat at some point today. Hmmmm.....E-BAY! For those of you who know Pat, you know that this is nothing unusual. Posting everything and anything he owns on the internet for sale is as common an occurence as brushing his teeth. (Which i can vouch for; he does at least twice a day) As we combed the van we noticed this shiny, Dunlop Uni-Vibe pedal he bought for Platform Moon. It turned out to be the wrong vibe for the song so we never used it. Pat enlisted my hand-modeling skills and off to E-BAY it went.....

Once the $175 rolls in for the pedal we can get THIRTY-FIVE $5 Foot Longs!!!!! We'll be set for the next couple weeks....but, until then it's MediFast Bars and water.

Columbus' Sky Scrapers (or Sky Scraper) came into view around 7pm and we headed straight to ThunderPussy.

On the way, we passed by the "Times Square" of Columbus...

Thunderpussy is a record store next to Skully's and we always make it our first stop.

We looked for a Big Lebowski Poster for Phil at The Treehouse (last time we played there someone stole it off the wall)..... but there was none to be found. Zac stopped in Skully's for a quick Happy Hour special....we said hello to our favorite bartender there, Lindsay, and then drove to Lizzy's house for some home-cooked GOURMET style dinner. We were really surprised. Lizzy served up some mean veggies with pasta, Denver rocked some chicekn on the grill, and Raina did the best she could serving us wine. (You did great!) After an amazing round table meal we pissed off Lizzy's room mate by leaving the cushions backwards on the couch and then took off for The Treehouse.

But first....we gotta put that (Tom) Petty Cash to good use....

We always get the cheapest and most disgusting brand possible. In this case we went with an old familiar vodka called "Gordon's." (For obvious reasons this name is dear to our hearts)

The dude from the Lab Rats opened up the night with his new project called "Hotel Eden" and then we played next. It was good to see some friends that took a long drive from Cleveland and Dayton at the show. Amber was there on her night off, Kat, Channing, Lauren, Melissa and Corey showed up and so did the chefs....We had a fun show and watched "Ghost Shirt" play after us....they sounded great and i love their intensity. Sorry you had to wake up early Sam!

We left the bar and went to Raina's for the night....after awhile, Kat serenaded us to sleep while singing along to Radiohead. Thanks for the shelter ladies!!!



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