August 3, 2009

Almost Home

SC to Philly

I drove the rest of the way home while everyone else dreamt about a magical land filled with popcorn and sombreros. It was raining a lot (which is how I knew we were getting close to NYC. WTF is up with this summer?!?!).

Before going home we made a quick early morning stop to my cousin's house in Philadelphia. I called up Nick on the phone at 7:30am to let him know we're coming; and he proceeded to make a feast of eggs. When we got there I decided to wake up my baby cousins...poor Emma was more than slightly confused at the site of me in her bed...I asked her what she's doing and she just stared at me and said, "Dreaming."


I asked, "What are you dreaming about?" She replied, "Nick. We were playing." That's her older brother...


And if yer ever looking for conversation, THIS is the guy to call...he'll go on forever about ANY topic you's hilarious! I made Emma and Nick go out to the van (the guys were still sleeping) to wake them up....Zac was 3/4ths legally dead at this point so we just let him stay in the driveway, but K and Pat came up for some breakfast and quality family time.

After a quick shower I like to eat breakfast in my superman briefs...guess that's weird??
They got over it....

If yer wondering who could possibly make such a perfect scramble....

It's THIS guy right here...

Coincidentally, Nick is also the guy who takes care of the Blaze when she's sick...He actually put a brand new set of brakes on her just for this Florida trip. It takes an oil change just getting her down to MILLEVOI BROS in Philly, but definitely worth the trip ;)

After awhile we noticed Emma was gone, but reappeared soon after... dressed to impress....

I think she likes I had to break it to her that Pat ONLY likes girls with bows in their hair...sorry Emma :(


I was trying to "let her down easy" so I had to say, he ONLY dates girls that can make stuff. What grown ups call "artists." She grabbed him by the hand and pointed out her latest work...


We were stumped. She won. Pat gave her his digits....

(We later found out, that seemingly leprechaun-like picture was actually a portrait of her Dad)

Nice work Emma!


P.S. You can see some of these kids in action on this video:


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