September 3, 2009

Listening Parties


So just to catch up, we had a show at Maxwell's in the promise land (NJ) and so many great people traversed the Hudson (and the parkway) to come hang out. We had a Super Radtastic time, but no pics to show for it :(

Then we had a Listening Party for the new album at The Delancey:

We love the rooftop, but we have to admit, the Delancey was prrrrrrrreeeeeeeetty ill-equipped for the occasion. The guy who BBQs didn't show up and they only had ONE speaker to play the record with. (wtf?) So all these beautiful people were hanging out, listening to ONE side of the album, and trying to stave off their hunger with a bag of Twizzlers our friend Mara brought.

Mara & Stefani
It's amazing that any of you are still on speaking terms with us, (above company excluded) but I must say it was really great to see you. We also met a lot of new friends that night and wound up at No Malice Palace for a private dance party, and apparently a severe ass spanking from Aaron Zimmer....

Meredith, Mandy, Carrie, & Amy

Paula, (duh), & Liz

so we STILL had fun despite the Delancey's short-comings.

So much so, in fact, we decided to do it again! This time at Piano's....

We had DJ Fleetweek come out and take care of the music and this time we had BOTH sides of the album playing! The engineers on the record Chris Ribando and Roy Hendricks came out so we got to have a few drinks and pat them on the back. It was Chris Olsen's birthday, but he and Zac had to split kinda early to play with Chappo, so Pat, K , and I were the only ones to receive this amazing gift from our friend Phoenix. She's a fire eater and she totally HAND-MADE us our very own "Flaming Arrow" in honor of our new single. The thing looks like the most stylish Native-American War Hero EVER decided to get down with some new weapons for the fall season. This pic doesn't do it justice. (Kinda looks like a giant S'More)
I was yelling at her to get in the pic so we wanted to take another one. Then we remembered Piano's had to shut down for one night last week due to a fire, sooooo we decided to leave it at that. (by the way, Phoenix ALSO gave me a pair of Drum Sticks that can light on fire. I'm totally gonna hospitalize myself)

Many thanks to all who came out and we'll see you again on the 25th. Music Hall of Williamsburgh!



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