October 4, 2009

Sunshower Tour w/ Regina Spektor (Day 1)

Sept. 24th - WRXP and Philadelphia, PA

Today was the first show of the tour and our first time meeting Regina. We were excited about that but ALSO excited about being on one of our favorite radio staions WRXP. We all met up at the 101.9 studio for a live performance of "Flaming Arrow." It was 9am and Zac's alarm "mysteriously" shut off THREE times so we were all pretty tired. It was so crazy hanging out with Matt Pinfield cuz I remember being a kid and staying up late watching MTV. I'd always see him on "Headbanger's Ball" and "120 Minutes" and think he must be the coolest guy ever. Zac and K did an acoustic performance...

...while Pat and I threw spit balls at the back of their heads.

Matt and Leslie were really nice and we're happy Matt keeps us in his iPod's "At-The-Gym" playlist.

You can watch the performance on WRXP HERE

As we walked out we saw some signatures of friends on their poster-thingy;

After some coffee we jumped in the blaze and headed straight to The Electric Factory for load-in. We were excited to play for 2,500 people but were quickly brought back to reality when the guy in the lot made us pay 10 bucks for parking. (huh??) Don't they know who we are?!

Then we pulled up next to Regina's Tour bus....

right. Guess we forgot for a second :)

We thew all our gear in the club and then got to meet everyone...Veikko (the super tall German Tour Manager), Dan Cho (the sweeter than honey Cellist), McKenzie Smith (sweet-cheecks drummer and member of the amazing band MIDLAKE), Regina (duh. you know her), and Jack Dishel (sole proprietor of the sparkling ONLY SUN). While setting up we got to meet the sound crew including Keith Nelson (the ever-polite gentlemanly monitor man) and Greig Duffin (the I'm-a-nice-guy-and-not-REALLY-sarcastic-but-sometimes-have-to-be-when-Keith's-around Front of House Production Man).

We decided to walk a few blocks for some coffee....which quickly became a gopher's errand when Regina's band put in their "order."

We tried to cheer ourselves up when we noticed a sweet mother telling her son how GREAT Zac and Pat were...

...but then we saw THESE guys laughing and pointing as they made condescending remarks like, "Look at this fool with all that coffee!" etc...

As bad as this all seemed we were finally vindicated when we got back to the dressing rooms and reminded of the alcohol situation....Regina's Band has a "dry" dressing room.... Jupiter One, does not.
You enjoying those coffees boys??

When we got on stage we were blown away by the crowd and excited knowing we had Cousins Dennis and Erica, and our dear friends Nora, John Crooker, Jughead, and Eileen out there. After our set we hung out at the merch table with our newest friend Morgan Bentsen (the avid reader of Spice origin and Merchandise Guru). We watched Regina's set and can honestly say she is the best singer we've ever heard. no joke. This girl can sing you to shipwreck.

Backstage after the show we had the pleasure of seeing Paul Rudd and Reese Witherspoon back there...Pat got to tell Paul about how he was an assistant engineer on Anchorman long before he even knew what that movie was gonna become. Pat had to catalogue each track of the line "It smells like Big Foot's Dick" and he pissed himself everytime. Which says a lot because that line was played at least 27 times. Zac noticed Reese staring at him quite a bit and then she finally said, "You look familiar." To which he responded, "so do you."

(except not really. but i wish he had)

He just told her, "yeah I've got one of those faces" and commenced with the small talk. However, this is a VERY important story. Mainly cuz we had to hear it 7 times that night....

ZAC: So THEN Reese says to me, "You look familiar..."



Blogger Don said...

these ARE good times for sure!

October 5, 2009 at 4:57 PM  

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