October 22, 2009

Sunshower Tour w/ Regina Spektor (Day 12)

Atlanta --> New York City & Rockwood Music Hall

Zac, Dave and I woke up in a hotel room next to the bar we boozed ourselves in the night before. Nobody can remember for sure right now the exact chain of events that morning, but I'm sure we gassed the Blaze, grabbed a few quarts of coffee and hauled ass, 'cause that's how we roll, ya heard? I drove and practiced different styles of yelling at K, cuz he wasn't there... K!!!!! K!!!!!!!!!! KAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYUUUUHHHOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Destination #1: Margo and Iceman's house.

We've got no pictures of this hang, but what had happinnd wuz... we arrived to a delicious home cooked meal, did a local bar run with Margo, Margo threw up in the toilet as soon as we got home, Iceman's toilet broke and all of us woke up to RotoRooter and bagels. Again: gas, coffee, ass-haul.

Final Destination: New York City! Home sweet home (of weird vans).

We had to shake back to the city ASAP to play a show with our alter-ego band Fancy Colors. (basically Jupiter One + Jeff Taylor + Bob Parins - K) See tiny image below:

We may or may not have gotten a little too excited before the show and may or may not have tried to out-do each other with weirdie tequila and may or may not have been a teensy bit less than the tightest band in the western hemisphere, but... who cares!? ROCKWOOD FRIDAY NIGHT! The Mighty Ken Rockwood was on the mixer and everyone was feelin fine. A bunch of our good friends stopped in including, but not limited to:

Al Hicks and his lady The Lex.

Jon "Ticonderoga Bitchslap" Sordoni

Even Ol' McKenzie made an appearance and got into a gang sign fight with Jeff. Who will win?? Only the Shadow knows. Solid Friday in NYC!!



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