November 1, 2009

Sunshower Tour w/ Regina Spektor (Day 18)

Arlington, VA @ IOTA
We got on the road and left Chapel Hill for Arlington, VA....

The drive was a pretty one....

We got to the club super early for an ALL AGES show and hung with our friends Bellflur and Big Bang TV all day....Ice Man beat Margo there so we got some food with him at Whitlow's before the show started.

We missed the BBTV photo op, but they put on a great show and we were SO psyched to meet Matt Brehoney's family....Our set was a lot of fun, but the best part is always seeing our friends like Robin, Alison Yard, Amy, Dan, Erica, Kerri, Dane, Suzie,Burns, and Steven...see you again soon we hope!

After the show, we all hopped in the van and went to Papa Brehoney's house in Vienna.....J.P.'s the name, and fun times with fried potatos' the game.

His wife Debbie had cute glasses and songs for the masses...(*see video)

Many a fun times were to be had at the beautiful Brehoney home. J.P. actually designs them for a living and he's INcredible...check out his living room

He even created a room dedicated to listening and performing live music! He calls it the "Beat Cafe"....

J.P. kicked things off with some acoustic versions of songs by The Beatles, Leonard Cohen, and he even threw in his own take on "Countdown." This guy is solid gold. We love him. He invited his pride & joy up next for some Big Bang TV tunes....later we joined forces for a Dreamstreet re-union and performed "Girl, Don't You Know You're Everything to Me, This Time, Girl?"

Although we had iLighters raised for an encore, K insisted on stepping up with some songs of his own....
Debbie was inspired and came up to join him on a number or two.....
The crowd was mesmerized...
At intermission we all went to snack town in the kitchen....
Debbie was on bacon duty all night...
Kate's milkshake was bringing boys to the yard...
Drew and Pat were battling for who's plaid-er...
...and I was getting a tan.

After 20 minutes in "the booth" I decided to get the beatz ready for some freestyle-improv Kriss Kross style...
Bring on the Haiku-Based RaP Talk!
Haiku-Based Rap, or "HBR," is a special skillset that involves breaking down the traditional lyrical 4 line form of ABAB. In HBR, the rapper will rhyme the first 2 lines, not the 3rd, and replace what WOULD BE the 4th line with an eastern melody on the syllables "Da-na."
Like so,
AABC where C is not a lyric, but the eastern melody.

For example:
A: My name is Dave and I got a gun,
A: It don't have bullets cuz I only shoot fun,
B: I bought it from a guy named Steve Galbini
C: Da-na-na-na-na'-na'-na'-na'-naaaa

I think poor Kate is the only one who stuck around to watch the whole "performance."
After a long night we retired to our very own sleeping quarters ...
...where I was actually tucked in and told a bed-time story about Unicorns. Thanks Debbie and J.P.! (I had nightmares) just kidding. (except i'm not) all the unicorns died.



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