February 14, 2010

Sunshower Tour w/ Regina Spektor (Day 37)

Blaze to Utah

There's a searchlight fixed to the midnight sky...it's beaming a symbol of the Blaze and we MUST get to Salt Lake City in 24 hours.

Regina, Dan, and K will be waiting there to run through the songs, cuz we have NO time to fuck around before the show at "In The Venue."

Here's where the teamwork of Jupiter One really shined. Allow me to break it down:

Seattle- we get the call. I need to learn all Regina's songs in 24 hours. Zac took the wheel and started for Utah.

Pat (the Berklee Audio Engineering Grad and the only man besides Zac and K who knows I'm way too technologically inept to do this) takes a huuuuugely big file of Regina's show in Massachusetts and cuts it up into bits and pieces. He worked through the night, while I got some shut-eye... I awoke to find, what laymen call, "tracks" on the computer.
At this point, Pat sleeps and Zac (the fearless pilot) still drives...
Meanwhile, I take the tracks from Cecil and upload them onto my iPod. This is where I spend the next 15 hours listening to her music and trying to visualize how I'd play it. There will be no drums in sight until I play this music with her for the first time in Utah...
I had headphones on, writing out drum parts while we made our way across Washington and Oregon.
We made maybe one or two stops the whole way...
Awake from his sleep, Pat now relieves the colonel....
...and continues driving.
Zac's turn to sleep after a long shift of keeping her steady.....I'm still learning the music.
Basically, Pat and Zac killed themselves driving on little sleep, little food, and NO alcohol. It was only fair that they be provided with a super deluxe hotel room....
We made it to the rehearsal with time to spare...."Bandit and the Cat" did it again! Heroes amongst men....they delivered me safely and hit the streets hard to celebrate.

I was back at the studio playing with Regina, Dan, and K....
The music all came together like fine wine spilling onto an expensive, short party dress. Along with K, I was now gonna be doing double duty for the rest of the tour, but the Boys of the Blaze would be laying our heads on bigger, softer pillows. (ahhhhhh...)



Blogger The misinformed know it all said...

well, praise be to the ONE who created us in A day!!! May you guys Fare well!!! I love your music. You all may be very well as gifted as DANTE was.....

February 19, 2010 at 4:22 PM  
Blogger Tomorrow said...

standing ovation for anyone who drives cross country without getting a ticket. Got a nice $300 one myself today for going 97 on a 70. one of the dumbest things I could ever do- as told to me by my mom, dad, cousin, cousin's girlfriend, the police officer, and my brain. *sigh*

p.s. love you guys, love regina spektor, howsabout we put those two things together? ;)

February 22, 2010 at 12:02 AM  

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