February 13, 2010

Sunshower Tour w/ Regina Spektor (Day 35)

Seattle, WA (@ the Paramount)
We spent the night in a swanky-dank hotel across the street and then got hyped for our trip to Seattle...mainly cuz we had a BAG OF GIFTS WAITING FOR US!

As sad as it was to leave Canada, we know this hot air balloon will always be right there...in our hearts.
(but not floating exactly. cuz then our hearts would wind up in our throats or something. so hopefully the symbolic Canadian balloon is just kinda orbiting around in the chambers. just being there. as a reminder. of the good times. and Jenna.)

We hit the road and for those who have been, you know that the drive in Washington is NEVER disappointing...
When we got to the Paramount, Zac and I headed out for some shopping...new underwear time!!!
We also picked Pat up a pair of new socks and a shirt for K .....It's his BIRTHDAY!
The theatre is real real purrrrrrrrrdy....
After our set, we went into the lobby to slap Morgan on the nose and see some friends...The Olsen family's here!!!!
Zac asked them if we could borrow 40 bucks....
(he wasn't kidding, but quickly played it off)

We finally got to meet Val and Bill in real life.....thanks for the presents!!!
Pat's friends Kevin and Jason from High School came down...
We also met some new friends like this girl....
..and Kim Fisher!
During Regina's set we got to spend a lot of QT with Matt Chamberlain's pride and joy...his wife Dan'a.
She's as smart as she is pretty and writing a book right now on vampires that makes Robert Pattinson look like a care bear.

Thanks for a rad show Seattle!



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