March 9, 2008


Ladies and Gentlemen....introducing Pat Dougherty on Bass!

We left around 11am for our 7 hour drive to Charlottesville. Everything was going smoothly until we hit tied up in some ridiculous traffic and was kinda late to the show. We saw the most disturbing/awkward public art pieces on the street. It was a completely black, wooden, 2 dimensional sculpture of a man with a GIANT headed baby???

Our friends Staionary Set were right behind us. We got to the Tea Bazaar joint and saw some old friends, Rosie & Jessica. Pat was able to capture the moment in which Zac was told the band gets ONE free drink??!?!?!!!!

We watched Stationary Set and Shapiro melt faces, and then we closed out the night. The stage was small but the vibe in there was great.

A bunch of hippies were walking around with "re-juvenating face masks" and K fell victim to peer pressure. We discovered Jake Gyllenhaal has been "moonlighting" as the guitarist in Stationary Set ...

and Zac bludgeoned the top of K's head with the headstock of his guitar :(

Thanks to Margot & Co. for coming out to Pat's first show with us :)

We drove to our friend's house in D.C. after the show that night. A long and windy road. Bulgarian Woman's Choir in the van. THoughts on trees without a name having deeper meaning and significance to the planet Earth. As we drove through this town, we realized the Gods were smiling upon "Gordon's First Kiss Tour."

When we finally got to Rich and Courtney's house around 4am we entered the house quietly and proceeded to the living room. It was in that moment that we were welcomed by a plastic nude woman of African-descent with a disturbing expression on her face, "Latisha." She was wearing lingerie made of candy...

Not long after...sleep ensued.



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December 12, 2008 at 2:47 AM  

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