March 9, 2008


We woke up and decided to go to a musuem.....we found out that D.C. is home to many "sculptures" or "works of art." This is a cute "idea" and if yer not smart enough to realize that they're actually "Outer Space Machines," I suppose you can sleep a lot easier.

Here we are in our most patriotic of miming photos, ( USA ! )

We walked around the National Gallery, pet some dogs by the reflecting pool, and ate some tacos.

Zac accepted a wager of $8 to drink all the salsa on the table......if you look closely you can see his salsa-stache

Zach chugs salsa from patdougherty on Vimeo.

After Zac defended my honor by settling a score with a Mountain Dew bottle,

We began a challenge of Bench-Hurdling. As the band will tell you, I seem to have been given a bionic jumping ability. Probably due to some nuclear explosion or a rare kangaroo bite. Here you see K desperately trying to compete.....poor guy.

The biggest challenge of the day was this garbage can...proved to be no match for my winged-heels

Pat gave Zac a new silky shirt that happens to be his second "power color" next to Apricot Nectar.

We showed up to IOTA club in Arlington and had some listening sessions in the van with Dane and Erica. I was inspired by our trip to the museum so I created my own little snare drum art.

After Tim Bracken, we got on stage and played most every song we know....Andy in the front supplied some drinks and then threw the glass against the floor like it was a Greek Wedding (Opah!) I guess K was drunk cuz he managed to get through the night without a scratch. The only guy I know who hurts himself more when he's sober. Erica gave Gordon his very first kiss and we all went back to her place afterwards for some pizza and Wii Tennis.

Thanks for a great night IOTA!!!!!!!!!!!



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