April 17, 2008

DAY 31

Kent, OH

Some of you may recognize this city by its famed protests that left 4 college kids dead and 9 more wounded. Neil Young wrote a song about it: "Ohio"

BUT, let's not get too dark here. Kent was a fun night at Fat Jimmy's with our old friends Run, Run Addington so let's talk about THAT, shall we?

We got a nice goodie bag of various treats made with love from the ever hospitable Nikki,

....and drove to the local police station to pay some well-earned tickets:

(Don't know if you can see, but it ACTUALLY says up there, "Nationally Accredited Law Enforcement Agency" As if the other police stations are just "phoneys." )

We met our buys People In Planes...loaded in the gear...and then spent some QT with our main man Sir Robert Burnett. We vowed to exit the SilverBlaze ONLY upon sound of super-tight-kick-ass songs.

Run, Run Addington began playing their set.

We made our exit.

Great show guys....Scott rocked it with only 9 fingers!!!! Felicia, Jaime, Adam and a bunch of other Cleveland reps made Kent feel like Disney World.

(only for adults.) (....with lots of alcoholic beverages.) (...and with no kids.) (...or rides.)

We went to a house party after the show and witnessed Felicia take a flying CD to the nose :( It drew blood, but she was a trooper. All fun and games, right Justin? right JUSTIN?!?!?!

we made some new friends...pissed off some old ones (sorry K drew a cock and balls on your face Scott)....then crashed at the hotel. Panda never quite slept and then ran around the parking lot at 8am. ( Jupiter One is looking to release a workout tape this fall. We have some interesting, yet ACCESSIBLE, techniques.)

We ate breakfast at "Sheetz" and visited the site of the May, 1970 protest shootings. Here's where it gets sad again :(

For those of you who don't know...In an effort to dismantle student protests at the university, troops fired a total of sixty-seven shots. When the firing ended, nine students lay wounded, and four other students had died. Two of the students who died actually had not participated in the protests.

Here's a campus steel sculpture that remains untouched with a bullet hole passing through it from that day;



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