April 18, 2008

DAY 32

Pittsburgh, PA

ROLLER BOOGIE III (or as we like to call it, "Holy Shit")

So as we drove to PA we had to pull over to make sure we weren't dreaming....what the hell is THAT???

A full-scale model of an X Fighter?!?!?!?! In front of a bar?!?!


For a long time we pondered what would make someone do that until we arrived in Pittsburgh. We knew that the show tonight was a rollerskating party, but we had no idea .....no idea. This is Sneaky Mike

He turned his apartment, "Da Hood House", into a rink, witih a stage in the middle, DJ set up in the back, disco ball, lights, and a fog machine. Basically the most RIDICULOUS party one can imagine.

K was skating like it was a '94 Rave...

Zac and Pat were chillin' with the heavies in the V.I.P room...

I was riding the skate train....

Here comes a Panda 'round the bend!

Those who had feet too big for skates (sorry Scott) were watching the show from the sides and trying not to get run over by drunk-ass skaters....

Da Hood Gang and Pfunkt TORE SHIT UP!!!! Seriously. Torn.

We'll have to find out where all the pics are, but here's a few we caught. Thanks to Dane, Erica, Kelly, Ashleigh, Lauren, Pookie, and Courtney for the after-hours hang.

The next morning we couldn't wait for the traditional "Bands of Pittsburgh Unite and Eat" Brunch at Scott and Sara's House. (a.k.a.The lovely Scotts Rogers Duo) That's our generous host Scott:

We always have a great time over there hanging with Ange, Josh, Kathryn, Casey, and our new friend Dan. We don't have a pic but just know that Kathryn has THE BEST SAUSAGES in town. Thanks for everything guys....we love you

looking forward to a show with Venus & Burgers / Black Tire / Dunno Her / and Stoopider Won!



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