September 27, 2008


Ithaca, NY (The Nines)

We ate some breakfast while watching a street fight between some locals at the gas station. Must mean it's gonna be a good day.

Drove a couple hours to Ithaca and stopped by Gimme Coffee....the girl who worked there thought I was rude. (cuz my sunglasses were still on. whatever.) Me and K checked out some clothing stores; I bought some pants....K took a shirt out of the FREE bin sitting on the street corner. Then we went to VOlume Records and the guys were super cool....gave me a Jim O'Rourke cd for 5 bucks. We also stopped by No Radio records and then headed to the home of some of my favorite people in the world....The Mandeville's!

When the guys came back around to get me Hope invited them in for some corn and pesto. I went to the van and found them with shirts off, slugging on a Whiskey bottle....

They thought they were in no shape to keep company at the dinner table, but Emeline convinced them otherwise.....that's her with her boy Sam.

Hope prepared a corn-feast and Hazel busted out her favorite plates for the occasion....

This is Hazel coaching Zac in his Blueberry Picking technique.....

She decided he was now ready to go grab a basket full from the backyard....

Good job Zac....but you ate all the berries you picked.....check out the "feast" he brought back to the house....

K was doing some light reading while I hung out with Janet, Helen, and Chuck.

We said our goodbyes and went to The's one of the better spots for music and they have really god pizza so all was well. That's George behind the bar...he's the boss and super cool....

We played with The Thieve's Hymn and we gotta thank Jackie, Erin, and all the Mandeville's for coming! Honorable mention to Casey for the hug, Garret for leaving level 70 of Warcraft to come hang out, Alison, Helen, Janet, Calib and Kim for dancing, Carol for staying up all night, and Emeline for taking a bunch of pics.....

After the show we went back to Jackie's house and slept...she has an awesome, huge dog named Ava, but we ain't got no pic :(



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