October 6, 2008


Cleveland, OH (House Of Blues)

We got up super early and started the drive to Cleveland.

5 hours later...still driving...

We got to the club finally and we'd like to say that the staff at House Of Blues in Cleveland kicks ass. for real.

There was a shower there....we all used it.....at seperate times. The dressing room had some art work we could comment on.....

...but we showed restraint....

We had a lot of time so we drank on the couch and took family portraits....

Zac seemed bored so I decided it might be exciting if I uploaded the poetry of Maya Angelou onto the computer. This way he could read all her acclaimed works!!

I handed off the computer and watched for the words to gently touch his soul......

We had a girl named Rachel bringing in drinks and food all night. I don't know how we missed the chance to take a photo, but K ate a habanero. He mistakenly took it for a yellow pepper and he nearly died. We had to bring a gallon of milk and help him control his breathing....he definitely came dangerously close to yaking a few times. **We're still wondering why a lead singer would eat jambalaya before a show.....**

Anyway, he took a shower and performed his usual Pre-Show Ritual for optimum energy. A cat nap. You should probably know that when K sleeps he holds his cell phone and shakes it up and down really, really fast. Don't be alarmed if you see this....it's normal behavior.

Cotton-Eyed Pat got pumped on the fiddle trying to learn the riff from Sweet Child 'O Mine...

Me and Zac peed.....

I ate asparagus.

We got on stage to see a rad audience and the show was a lot of fun....thanks to Madison East and Run Run Addington for coming down!

...and, of course, thanks to Courtney and her mom too. See you in November Cleveland!



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