November 15, 2008

Columbus, OH

Andyman's Treehouse

After the Saloon show we drove a few hours to OH.

We found a good 'ole Red Roof Inn and watched some Robot Chicken before zzzzzzzz.

Woke up. Opened the shades and said good morning to the Blaze...

We had all day to kill so we went to our favorite Donut SHop.....Buckeye Donuts!
We saw a lot of interesting people come in and out of this member of the marching band for example....

BuckEye Donuts is a place you should all check it's the 8th wonder of the world. Zac left to meet a friend so the 3 of us walked around to some record stores like Used Kids and Thunderpuss. I got everyone buttons. Terminator for K, Pabst SuperCool for Pat, and Ray Charles for Zac. I also bought a LIVE Interpol album. Then we decided to go to Skully's for happy hour. $1.50 for everything!!!! It's 5pm and we have plenty of time.

This is Lindsey. She was explaining how the last person she went to screwed up her hair :(

But we think it looks nice. She also said Happy Hour used to be $1 for everything, but too many homeless people were coming in. Started to drive the locals out. So they decided to raise prices to $1.50. Soooooo...homeless people still come, but now they just tip her 50 cents :(

After about 2 hours, it was only 7pm and we were tanked.

Wait a minute! This just in...Pat's spoon, Un-used bottle of Suave Shampoo, "Don't Worry; Be Happy" T-Shirt, and box of Commerce Bank Pens just sold on Craig's list for $20. Hooray! Another round please Lindesy....

Pat got us to Andyman's Treehouse by 10pm....i don't remember getting the equipment inside but we did. I saw a "Big Lebowski" poster on the wall so Pat and I proceeded to drink White Russians in honor of "The Dude." The first band was really cool (don't remember their name) but I do remember trying to set up after them. I was in pretty bad shape but took deep breaths and lots of water. Rachel and Scott came all the way from Cleveland so we couldn't let them down! Pat also made his first Jupiter One set list, so it was a big night.

The band after us was also REALLY cool (don't remember their name either), but we gotta thank Phil for putting together such a fun bill. He and Sam are also in a band called Ghost Shirt....check them out! Sam and Corey had an after party and let us sleep over....she had 2 kool kats named Tomato and they are getting BUSTED!

We got to hang with some great Ohio folk and hope to come back real soon......thanks for breakfast Meaghan!!!!



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