November 15, 2008

Indianapolis, IN

Sam's Saloon

We drove 9 hours today headed for IN. Pat is going to see AC/DC in concert on Monday with cousin Dennis and he's never been more excited about ANYTHING in his life. He's in a constant state of Christmas morning all day long. We had a long drive ahead of us and he needed the new album, "Black Ice" to get prepared.....we made an All-in-One stop to Wal-Mart for some Subway and AC/DC.

Here we are desperately searching for the music could taste the suspense.....


Wait a minute....what's this?? It's WHITE. And it's the only WHITE one.....why is it white?...

Oh oh's the LIMITED EDITION!@!(!*!%!$!!!!!!!!

"oh man.....this is SO kool.....there's like... all these titles of songs on the back. and you can read them and stuff. and they're all really fun to say. and...and...and I bet they're gonna play a bunch of these on Monday....and....a-a--and I can sing-a-long and stuff??!"

Good afternoon sir. Did you find everything you needed?

"You have no idea blessed lady! Yes I did....please tell me how much I owe your price!"

"May the heavenly stars shine upon your path good woman."

"Sandwiches and rock. FEELS GOOD TO BE ALIVE!!!!!!"

Off to Indianapolis.....

All the while still listening to AC/DC......

Night's falling.....there's that giant creepy crucifix again....but AC/DC is STILL pumping in the Blaze, keeping us safe.

The blaze was a RockMobile for hours....

Even the giraffe had a good time....

We got to Sam's Saloon around 9pm and met up with the local band Tyler Bender...

Sam's Saloon TOTALLY Looks like one. It was established in 1872 and has a really cool vibe.

This is Doug the door guy.....

The Subjects from NYC also happened to be playing there that night. They loaned us some guitars for our recording last week and now we're playing together in Indianapolis....weird. They put on a great show...check them out sometime for sure.

Thanks for having us Mike...see you next itme



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