November 15, 2008

Nevada, MO

Cottey College

I woke up this morning next to Zac. That's normal. What's NOT normal is that he's completely naked. Apparently he got TOO hot in the middle of the night and took all his clothes off....sooooooo yeah. I'm in bed with a full grown naked man.

Tonight we're playing an ALL GIRL'S College....which doesn't seem all THAT strange until your in a room with 200 of them....kind of like some sci-fi movie where the women take over the world....We knew we'd need all our energy to keep up with them so we didn't leave the hotel ALL day....Pat and K ran on the treadmill...Zac watched Talk Soup...and I was here. (on the screen)

We got to the college at 6pm and I snuck behind the cafeteria lunch counter and started serving food to the students. I told one girl that the cheese bread was indeed vegetarian, but truthfully I have no idea. sorry! But I figured, it's cheese bread...who'd put meat in there??? Anyway, Kris showed us where to load in and we set up for soundcheck. Chelsea Jones in the theatre dept. had to miss the show for a dress rehearsal, but she sent over a very sweet note from the whole cast written on 2 napkins. :0) Thanks Chelsea!

We played the show and now we know what The Beatles felt like...all you could hear after every song was the shreaking of girls....pretty rad. They were an AMAZING crowd and we got to see some dorms (Co-Min!). We also snuck over to the theatre to say hi to the Insect Comedy peeps, but we missed them.

Sorry we didn't get any pics :( If anyone has some send them over!



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