January 12, 2009

January 4th

Driving to Hollywood, Florida

I don't remember much of this day because 16 hours of it was spent in the Blaze. I DO remember I felt like a tragic failure to the band when I had to pull over at a rest stop to nap twice in 30 minutes. pathetic. sorry guys.

At daybreak Zac had started driving and he followed our migrating friends towards Hollywood, FL.

The town of "Jupiter"...we were on the right track...time for a celebratory feast!

So weird that today looks like this....

When just yesterday looked like this...

Sorry NY.....not bragging....just sayin'....

We got to Hollywood with an hour to spare so we checked into the hotel room....got some showers in....and went to the Hollywood Beach Festival. Before a show Zac only has 2 warm-ups. One is drinking whiskey...and the other is this hand coordination thingy. Zac was teaching his hand warm-ups to K... they're kinda hard...He holds both his hands out and randomly brings the same fingers next to each other on both hands....then he gets advanced and has each hand touching it's own set of fingers independently.

Before a show Pat has 2 warm-ups to choose from as well. One is drinking whiskey...and the other is watching for beach-combing golf carts with one headlight out. If he finds one he shouts "Pa-Diddle!" and punches you in the forehead.

no luck on this one.

Here I am on the ACTUAL beach in a bandshell that's made to LOOK like a beach doing my broke-ass drummer warm-up....examining each of the 3 sticks I own to see which one is gonna break first.... and by which song.... and can I feasibly play the rest of that song with my hands.

I shouldn't have boasted too much about the weather cuz it started raining in the middle of Strange Teacher. The stage was "kinda" covered so we invited the audience on stage while we finished the song. That quickly led to everyone posing next to us for pictures while we played...kind of a bizarre experience. Only but a few die hard music lovers decided to stay below and get wet for Zac's flute solo....

We met our friend Peggy and her husband James after the show...Peggy's basically on tour with us and coming to 6 shows.....dedication!

Sorry for the short set Hollywood, but we might come back in the fall...

Thanks David and Holly!



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