January 12, 2009

Hollywood, FL


Today we started our first (and last) day of Lotto-training. We went for a 2 mile run around the park, did sit-ups, push-ups, planks, and stretched. The hotel lobby employees weren't quite ready for our work-out shorts, but we earned their respect when we asked for as many free toothpaste tubes as possible.

We walked around town a bit till we got bored. Then we found out the hotel lobby had a SUPER cheap bar (cart). So like the true high class gentleman we are, we drank in the Days Inn lobby until K said, "Let's go to an open mic." This is THEEEEE best worst idea K's ever had. We got on-line and found out that a place called "Cheers" was hosting an open mic.

We hopped in the blaze and drove straight there. The guy was a little confused when i explained we're a rock band from NYC that wants to play some songs. He was cool about it and we set up ALL our shit. After 3 songs we hung around getting to know some of the locals. We noticed this item on the menu and thought of our friend the Kentucky Rumbler back home.

After an hour we realized K had disappeared. Where could he be???? Ah. Pat found him. He was moonlighting on stage with some local musicians for the FREE BUFFET.

We could almost hear his heart breaking when we explained there IS no free buffet. It just flashes on that weirdy screen all night. sorry bud :(

When it came time to leave in the morning we had to tip housekeeping. Between the 4 of us we mustered up $3. 65 and this sheet of paper with lyrics on it.

C'mon...poetry...it's food for the soul.



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