January 12, 2009

Miami - Delray Beach

Januray 8th (DAY OFF and big breakfast scam)

We woke up in an abandoned parking lot and drove to the local Mariott for some "showers" in the bathroom sink. Pat suggested we try to score the free Continental Breakfast. They didn't have one. So we drove around till we found one that did. Zac is feeling sick so he's still sleeping in the back bench doped up on NyQuil. K is still sleeping in the back too, because that's what he does. Pat and I found some no-name joint and just walked in the lobby at 9am looking like we just woke up. Cuz we did. I asked for the free continental breakfast and she asked what room we were in. Wasn't exactly expecting that but I quickly replied, "Room 426." She looked it up in the computer as Pat and I just stood there wide-eyed. I just kept my fingers crossed that:

A) Such a number actually EXISTED in this hotel


B) that it wasn't "vacant."

She looked up from the computer screen and said "Okay Mr. Carlos Fontecha. Here's a voucher for 2 free breakfasts."

wow...we couldn't believe that actually worked, but here we are in the hotel restaurant redeeming poor Carlos's free breakfast.
It turns out the free breakfast sucks anyway. You only get coffee and toast.....but it hit the spot after a long night in the van.

We looked for a little coffee shop to shave and brush our teeth. We had the whole day to kill. We spent it inside this place called La Isla with the sweetest Puerto Rican ladies ever. They just let us screen and bullshit in their diner ALL day.

K was asleep for the breakfast heist so he got a Cuban Sandwich....

We admired the placemat which suggests one can simply kick off their sandals and go scuba diving with the parrots...

After about 4 hours in La Isla (Zac still sleeping in the van) we decided to drive down to Delray BEach a day early and find something to get into there.....Of all K's ideas....this is by far the worst. Delray is for old people in rehab. Sorry if that offends anyone....but Jupiter One finding action in that town was like the cops finding Harrison Ford in The Fugitive....it just can't be done!

In actuality the ONLY excitement was when we had to sneak Zac and I into the cheap motel we found. Yes, we could've slept in the Blaze again, but Zac's sick so we wanted him to have a bed. This place had some interesting characters and the management was running a TIGHT ship. They charge extra above 2 people so K distracted them while Zac and I rushed inside. Getting out the next morning also involved some stealth A-Team Van placement combined with Hardy Boys Hand Signals....we got out and ate next door at the "80's Diner." We received Dan Konopka's album sequence today too. Dan is a friend and the drummer of OK GO. We sent him the final mixes of our new album and he did "extensive research" to place each song in the best order. Most people don't think about it, but when you listen to an album from top to bottom it should feel like a good book. Dan really likes the first album and we're glad he helped us with this new one.

Tonight is a show with Fire Zuave and The Pretty Faces at City Limits in Delray Beach

Our NY friend Lisa introduced me to the bassist in Fire Zuave, Chris. Very good band and very nice guys (toured a bit with Of Montreal). You should give them a listen when you can. Our favorite song of theirs is on YouTube and it's called "Fought It a Long Time." They got us onto this festival and we had a really good time.....

Pat's friend Helen came out to hang too....she showed us where the Publix is for some sushi and Old Crow. She also gave us a skull and crossbones band aid for the Blaze's steering wheel.

It was a calm and peaceful evening with a shiny full moon...

...until Pat yelled "Pa-diddle!" Boosh.

We had a dramatic evening cuz we thought Gordon had died...I dedicated Prince's "I Would Die 4 U" to him and we all mourned...but when I plugged him into a different socket he came back to life!!! Hooray! :)

Thanks to Peggy(sorry about your calf), Daryl, and Chiemi for coming out , all of Lisa's friends, Steeve, Fire Zuave and The Pretty Faces...



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