January 12, 2009

Miami-Dade College

January 7th
My stepbrother has some friends in Florida so we stayed with one of them last night. His name is "Moose" and he has an AMAZING dog named Aspen....they also had the Christmas tree up so we felt like normal humans in a happy home for a second.

(He also has a kitten but we forgot to take a pic) We got up in the morning and headed out to Miami-Dade college for an outside show at noon. All the students were pretty cool...i feel like living in a warm climate just makes everyone happy...walking around town with a smile on their face....at least that's what it does to us....

After the show we all went to a a coffee shop and "screened." Caught up on some stuff.....drank 34 espressos...made some phone calls...went to a Subway.....and decided to go crash another Open Mic....this time at a place in "Little Haiti" called Churchill's. The bartenders were rad and so were the musicians. This is like a brooklyn joint in Miami....we got real wasted....met some people from London...

...made fun of their accent...then asked Raffa if we could get on stage for a few. She said yes and we had some fun. Anyone traveling to Miami needs to stop by this place....Remember the name Churchill's!

After the show we met a sweet girl named Nikki who offered her house to us. She had 7 room mates and a pit bull. She lived right around the corner so we packed up the van and got after it. Everyone in the house is Cuban so we started making some noise with congas, cowbells, and pandeiros...Hilda was doing her best samba around the house...spirits were high until Zac went out for a smoke and found 3 shady guys casing the van. This is definitely not the best neighborhood to keep a loaded van so we had to leave :( Otherwise we would awake to an empty Blaze. Thanks for the offer Nikki!

With nowhere else to go and at 4am we just pulled the van into a parking lot downtown and slept. Zac and K had benches but it was the two front seats for Pat and I....ugh.



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