April 7, 2009

Charleston, WV

(catching up)

Okay. soooooo...we woke up from Raina's house and headed to North Star for breakfast. BUDDHA BOWL!

We looked through magazines, had some "PURE" GInger Ale (made on site), and then got in the Blaze. It wasn't too long of a ride to Charleston so we stopped at a mall for Zac. He needed some new unmentionables

We parked at an empty lot that read "TOW AWAY LOT." But come on.....really? NO one's gonna bust us around here. IT's West VIrginia...we can leave the van for 2 seconds, right?


We literally left her for 1 minute and when we came out she was hooked up to the back of this guy's truck...ready to be hauled out of there. Luckily we stopped him in time and gave him $60 to let her go.

Here he is leaving with J-1's Lunch Money :(

We forgot to take pictures taht night, but we had a good time hanging with our old friend Roadblock at The Sound Factory. We also had the pleasure of hearing an older drunk woman hit up Pat with the greatest line of all time.

Lady: "Hi. Can i take a picture with you?"
Pat: "sure."
Lady: "You kinda look like a hot Keith Urban."
Pat: " Thanks(?)"
Lady: "Can I take a picture of just you alone?"
Pat: "i don't think so."
Lady: "Oh. My name is Raina. I mean it's really D'loralai. Raina's my Wicca name. But I ain't Wicca no more."
Pat: "Ah. I'm just gonna go stand over here now..."

About 10 minutes later a diferent drunk lady (yet seemingly of the same village) approacehd me while i was packing up my drums. She just started muttering some incoherent syllables and pitches softly into my ear. When i frightfully turned to look at her she just started tickling me. yeah. Tickling me. WTF!?!

We all followed our friend Jackson back to our favorite WV haunt, The Empty Glass, and had some drinks. Our other friend Libby let us stay in her apartment while she worked at the domestic violence shelter all night. Pat and I in the bed...Zac on the floor...K on the couch. Just like old times....thanks Libby!



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