April 30, 2009

EASTER BRUNCH in Pittsburgh!

The Peterson's House (Scotts Roger)

So we somehow managed to meet the greatest group of people (of all time) in Pittsburgh, PA last year. We played BRilloBox with Donora and Nick Weston and met all these super heros. They get together with a bunch of local bands and have a huge brunch. HIlarity always ensues and we couldn't be happier spending our Easter Sunday with these guys...

This is Scott Peterson..he's making his special home potatoes and eggs...

This is his wife Sarah with their baby Wyatt...

One of my favorite things about the Peterson brunch is drinking mimosas out of the BOBA FETT mug....

Pat ate 3 boxes of CHEEZITS and now he's gotta drive 7 hours home....

Jake (Donora)

Benji of Rostrum Records with the best sweater i've seen in a long time...

Cindy showed Zac how a zoom lens can pick up even the SMALLEST items.....like that rolled up 20 Dollar Bill iin the bottom of Ange's purse for example....

...shortly afterwards... Zac's hand was pretty damn close to that purse and Ange was missing twenty bucks...but look at that face!...HAD to be coincidence...

We noticed the Mariage Blanc guys were looking a bit bored,....

So we struck up a game of SPIN THE BABY!!!

This is one of our favorite games....You spin the baby and whoever his head winds up pointing to, gets a kiss. (w/ tongue)
Our first winner!!

Unfortunately we only got to play one round. The baby puked.

At least we got plenty of REESE's!

But only ONE peep left...Pat was concerned....

I had given up cookies for lent, but Angie (the angel) had brought me my first cookie in 40 days!

We mised you Kathryn, but thanks for the house....and naturally a big thanks to all our Pittsburgh friends for a great weekend!

Until next time...



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